Friday, August 5, 2016

New Release! The Thing That Turned Me

Today is the day!
It's release day for The Thing That Turned Me!

Randi Lee did a great job of heading up this project.
Give her a high five!  :D

We make decisions every day that will affect us for the rest of our lives: to stay or to go; to rise to the challenge or to crumble under its weight; to take the chance or do we let opportunity pass us by, without knowing what might have been. An open door. A chance encounter. A moment of truth. All such small things that can decide the rest of our lives without our even realizing it.

This variegated collection of authors of varying genres bring you pictures of these chances…these things that turn us—for better or for worse—and change our lives forever.

Will you recognize your moment when it comes?

Contributors & Contributions
(I'm in there somewhere... :P)

Imani Allen “Rehema”
Michelle Athy “The Disappearance of Miss Mary Dawkins”
Madalyn Beck “Hard to Love”
Diane Carlisle “The Window”
Alex J. Cavanaugh “CassaDawn”
Cathrina Constantine “Rising Star~Falling Heart”
Crystal Collier “The Shadow King’s Pet”
Michael Di Gesu “Through Shades of Gray”
Tonja Drecker “A Glowworm”
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne “The Journey”
Sherry Ellis “Finding My Voice”
Elise Fallson “Deadly Encounters”
Heather M. Gardner “Before We Break”
Samantha Redstreake Geary “Don’t be Koi”
Terrance Dwayne Mack “When I Went Crazy”
Misha Gerrick “Ryan”
Krystal Hillsman “To the Last Love of My Life”
Celeste Holloway “Shadows Falling on Rainbows”
Harper L. Jameson “The Blanket”
Randi Lee “Off the Horse”
K.D. Martin “Invariant”
Tyrean Martinson “Letting Go: A Siren Song”
Melissa Maygrove “Malice”
Nana Prah “Finding the Light”
Christine Rains “George and the Dragon”
Melanie Schulz “The Reader”
Elizabeth Seckman “Shifting Sands”
Tara Tyler “The Day Dave Broke the Internet”
Jenny Vyas Artwork for “Don’t be Koi”
Michelle Wallace “Shades of Deception”
L. Diane Wolfe “Revelation”
Roland Yeomans “Wednesday’s Child”
This anthology has something for everyone. If you like trying new authors or like reading collections of short works, this is for you.

Get your copy here: 
[retailer links coming soon]

Don't forget to add it to your Goodreads. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The post I promised you

I've been lousy at keeping promises lately, at least to my cyber friends. That's because circumstances out of my control (read: life) have consumed my free time. Other than my submission to the anthology, I haven't written anything in months. Nada. Nothing.

All I've managed to do is some research for my next novel. But even that was largely collecting info. I haven't had time to read much of it or make notes.

So what HAVE I been doing?
Well, let's see...

I transferred hospitals in late November. I love the new job (an the new NICU we just moved into!) and working closer to home, but the position is full-time, not part-time. It also has more mandatory meetings and inservices than my old one. Bye bye, writing and blogging time.

I treated a serious health issue around the same time. For years, I've been living with Hepatitis C. Best the doctors can tell, I got it from a blood transfusion I had as a child. It was diagnosed about 14 years ago, but, because the treatment was so rough, I decided to wait and watch.

A friend recently encouraged me to check out the new options, so I did. Instead of shots that would make me sick and possibly lose my hair, all I had to do was take one pill a day. Luckily, my insurance covered the $50,000 Harvoni regimen. My liver was starting to show signs of damage, even though I rarely drink alcohol. I did lose some hair, but I am now negative for the virus. :)

My oldest graduated high school.


But, oh my gosh! I barely survived May!

And then she started college this week.
*mom falls over dead-tired and penniless*

I'm not sure what my writing life is going to be like in the coming months, but I'm not giving up. I'll have a little blogging time this summer, and hopefully some writing time, too. What the fall will bring is anyone's guess.

I've missed you all, and I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit you like I used to.

What's going on in your life?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cover Reveal! The Thing That Got Me Blogging Again

Kidding. I'm ending a very long hiatus to reveal the cover of a diverse anthology titled The Thing That Turned Me

The awesome Randi Lee conceived this clever collection, dragged us kicking and screaming to our deadlines assembled the authors and artists, and made her vision a reality. I’m honored to be among the list of contributors.

From the Stay Classy site...
A diverse group of authors, bloggers, speakers and editors has come together to bring you a unique collection of writings: The Thing that Turned Me, an anthology revolving around the people, places and things in our lives that ‘turn’ us, or cause us to change in some way.

A patchwork quilt of talent collaborates on this new and exciting project, inviting a singular synergy to the anthology that will leave you turning pages without delay. Works within the anthology range from Science Fiction and Fantasy to Creative Non-Fiction, and beyond. Poetry blends with prose in this variegated ensemble of stories, poems and essays.

 Cover credit: Harper L. Jameson

Awesome, right?

Now for the teasers...
Caveat: I didn't place mine at the top. The teasers are listed in the order they were received. Sometimes it pays to be the early bird. :)

Title: Malice
Author: Melissa Maygrove
Genre: Reality-based Thriller
Blurb: Everyone has murder in them. All it needs is the right situation.

Title is: The Journey (essay) 
Book it's related to: Tails of Sweetbrier
Author: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Genre: Non-fiction, children/young adults
My turning point led me to create an award-winning autobiography about a handicapped child's journey to a champion equestrian.

Title: The Shadow King’s Pet
Author: Crystal Collier
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Blurb: Katia loved Grandfather's stories of the Shadow King, 
until the king of darkness came for her.

Title: George and the Dragon
Author: Christine Rains
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Blurb: Saffi thinks the man she meets in the Underground is a loon declaring he's there to slay a dragon. But when he stands face-to-face with a dangerous, serpentine machine, she believes he just might be a true knight.

Title: Wednesday's Child
Author: Roland Yeomans
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy
Blurb: A crippled girl, a mysterious Greek physician, 
and a Hollywood party to die for ... literally.

Title: The Blanket
Author: Harper L. Jameson
Genre: Paranormal romance
Blurb: A chance encounter with chaos. A destiny determined. 
To have her, he will destroy us all.

Title: CassaDawn
Author: Alex J. Cavanaugh
Genre: Science fiction - space opera
Blurb: Byron’s excellent piloting skills won’t be enough without a good navigator…

Title: Finding My Voice
Author: Sherry Ellis
Genre: Nonfiction (Inspirational)
Blurb: One caring teacher plus a little music equals a life 
changed for the better.

Title: Letting Go: A Siren Song
Author: Tyrean Martinson
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Blurb: Rozzie knows she can keep her siren power under control if she just doesn't sing, but who can stay in control in every situation?

Title: Invariant
Author: K.D. Martin
Genre: YA - Coming of age
Blurb: She always lived her life by the rules, no deviation meant no complication. Until she decided to play by her own.

Title: Rising Star ~ Falling Heart
Author: Cathrina Constantine
Genre: NA
Blurb: Capri gives up everything to become a star, even love. But when Bo steps back into her life, she's torn between her dreams and her heart.

Title: The Disappearance of Miss Mary Dawkins
Author: Michelle Athy
Genre: Historical Fiction
Blurb: Boston, 1793. Mary is young, pregnant, and indecisive—but the time for decisions about the baby's future is coming on fast.

Title: Through Shades of Gray
Author: Michael Di Gesu
Genre: NA Contemporary
Blurb: Through winter's shades of gray, a young man finds his long-lost muse in a very unexpected place…Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Title: Remember the Trampled Rose
Author: Randi Lee
Genre: Romance/Romantic Comedy
Blurb: When Tess apologizes to Mark for her harsh attitude, he can’t forget about the trampled rose. But then she says his name, and everything changes.

Title: RISE
Artist: Jenny Vyas
Genre: Mixed Media Art
Blurb: Jenny is highly influenced by beauty in complex human emotions and attempts to reveal human frailty through her monochromatic paintings where she creates abstracts of human silhouettes and fluctuating forms in half-light.

Title: Hard to Love
Author: Madalyn Beck
Genre: Drama
Blurb: When the love of your life falls in love with someone else, 
the only person left to love you is you.

Title - Revelation
Author - L. Diane Wolfe
Genre - New Adult Contemporary
Blurb - A car accident results in more than one crisis. Still haunted by his troubled past, can James handle the situation?

Title: Finding the Light
Author: Nana Prah
Genre: Paranormal
Blurb: When all hope is lost, providing it for others may be 
the only way to redemption.

Title: A Glowworm
Author: Tonja Drecker
Genre: Historical Fiction
Blurb: After years of struggling to survive, Ilse might finally have the chance for a better life. But if she decides to take the gamble, she'll have to give up the very last things she's fought so hard to hold on to.

Title: Rehema
Author: Imani Allen
Genre: Drama
Blurb: Peter experiences a radical encounter with a woman who shows him compassion while challenging him to be a better person. Was this woman real or was he imagining it?

Title: Don't Be Koi
Author: Samantha Redstreake Geary
Genre: Romantic Comedy (with a fantastical twist)
Blurb: An ordinary box with an extraordinary secret sends one woman on a comical misadventure where love and loss meet fortunes and fish.

Title: Shades of Deception
Author: Michelle Wallace
Genre: Suspense
Blurb: Cassandra is on the run when an encounter with a woman from her past leads to a showdown, culminating in a stunning revelation.

Title: Shadows Falling on Rainbows
Author: Celeste Holloway
Genre: Suspense
Blurb: Cold, desperate, and on the run, she has nothing to lose until she crosses a stranger’s path, and nothing becomes everything.

Title: Shifting Sands
Author: Elizabeth Seckman
Genre: Women's Fiction
Blurb: Sex. Lies. Obsession. It's only the beginning. 
(A prequel to the Coulter Men series.)

Title: Before We Break
Author: Heather M. Gardner
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Blurb: As Jack Munro struggles with an old demon, Maggie Maguire attempts to show him there's always another way.

Title: Ryan
Author: Misha Gerrick
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Blurb: Ryan spent almost a thousand years hunting other immortals. Then the Blitz happened... (An Endless story.)

Title: The Window
Author: Diane Carlisle
Genre: Literary Fiction
Blurb: A window can represent many things. 
It can be a timeline, a physical barrier, or even a passageway. 
For one woman, it might even be her salvation.

Title: The Reader
Author: Melanie Schulz
Genre: Magical Realism
Blurb: Most anyone can read a book. 
Only Liz can make the book read her.

Title: The Day Dave Broke the Internet
Author: Tara Tyler
Genre: Apocalyptic Romance (and Humor, of course)
Blurb: Dave didn't know he was lonely until his friends pointed it out. But when he finally joins an online dating site - the internet and the whole world goes dark - talk about a bad omen.

The Thing That Turned Me is set to be released 

May 31st
August 5th
Please add it to your  Goodreads. :) 
I have every intention of catching you up on what's been going on in my life, but this post is already a mile long, so I'll save it for another. 

Thanks for not giving up on me. I've missed you bunches!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hopefully, this isn't goodbye

Most of you have probably noticed by now that my social media presence has been practically nonexistent. I've been a lousy blogger and return visitor, and I hate it, but there wasn't much I could do about it. My alter-ego's life has radically changed.

Due to factors outside my control, I'm going to have to go on hiatus...a real, serious hiatus. I won't even be doing IWSG or promo posts for a while.

I've been battling a serious health issue (and winning!). But the biggest obstacle is that I was recently forced to change jobs and went from working part-time to full-time - in addition to being self-employed. I was struggling before (I'm a working mom with three teenagers, all in high school this year, and one of them a senior), but now I have almost no free time.

I'm faced with the choice: blog or write.
You know which one is going to win.

If any of my fans are reading this, know that I will continue writing. Two more companion novels for Come Back are already planned. I'll get them done; I promise. Just be patient with me.

So this is goodbye for now, but not forever. I'm hopeful that, once I'm settled into my new job and my nest begins to empty, I'll have time to visit my cyber friends again.

I love you all.
Don't hesitate to keep in touch. My inbox is always open. :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Promo Friday - Special Edition

It's time for Promo Friday again!

Well, not really. I needed to run the December post early, and my guest graciously obliged. 

Blogger / writer J.Q. Rose has a new book. Some of you will remember her from the anthology of writing tips she put together. Today, the book she's promoting is a sweet romantic suspense titled Deadly Undertaking. (Clever title.) Congratulations, Janet! :D