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The next book in the Forging America series is almost finished. 
I can hardly wait to add the story to this cover & click PUBLISH!

Cover by Carrie Butler

Passion knows no prejudice.

After finding her husband’s mutilated body in the field of their Oregon Territory land grant, Eva McCabe assumes the impossible task of running the farm alone. The hatred she harbors for the savage who murdered the man she loved gives her vicious determination to achieve Keith’s dream, even if it kills her.

Hatchoq is a man of mixed blood and clashing heritage. His father’s people tolerate him, and his mother’s people want him dead. When Hatchoq kills a member of his clan to save a white, he’s doomed to wander brutal lands alone—a man without a family or a home.

During his journey, Hatchoq encounters a struggling young widow and lingers to lend her aid. Hatchoq is drawn to Eva, even though she despises him. He longs to win her heart and help her earn her land. But staying means denying his Mojave identity and risking his life.


Battered Pride will release later this year.

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