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Oh great. Another beginning. = \

Beginnings are not my strong suit when it comes to writing novels. Apparently the same goes for blogs. I’ve been staring at the empty space on this page for way too long. I don’t even have the luxury of sending this through critique and revising it before you see it. Talk about pressure! One of the first pieces of advice I got from a published author when I started writing was, ‘Just get your story written, no matter how bad it is. You can revise later.’ Okay, Molly. The revision part is not quite the same for blogs, but here goes... Some of you already know I'm writing my first book. (Well, first two books. The original’s not even published yet and there’s a sequel. Whether that’s a sign of confidence or stupidity is anyone’s guess.) A couple of you even read it when it was in first draft form. <shudder> Thanks...for even managing to get through it. And thanks to my critique partners for helping me improve it. That verse about specks in your neighbor’s eye and log