Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The things we take for granted

Being stuck at home on my days off has given me time to do some cleaning. I came across a little comb-bound booklet that was given to me by my mom and one of my father's cousins. The booklet, titled This I Remember, is a collection of details my paternal great grandfather remembered from the early years of his life in the late 1800s.

I blogged about my great grandfather a few years ago, when I related the story of his elopement. William Edgar Whitten (Nov. 1875 - Apr. 1975) was a hard-working gentleman who achieved much in his life with only an 3rd-grade education. Though he eventually settled in South Texas, he grew up "a farmer's son in the piney woods and rock hills of Georgia."

I decided to blog about some of the things he remembered. When I start feeling like my life is difficult, it only takes reading something like this to make me realize just how easy I have it.

From This I Remember, by William Edgar Whitten:

Saturday, April 11, 2020

NEW RELEASE! The Dragon's Heart by David Powers King

One of my favorite writing friends has a new book! David Powers King, co-author of Woven and contributing author to FULL DARK just released The Dragon's Heart.

The Dragon's Heart is well-paced fantasy with charming characters that will suck you in and hold your interest. It's available from Amazon. Consider buying a copy to show your support.

For more info about the release and David's upcoming projects, click here.