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Cherry Dump Dessert opposed to Cherry Dump Desert , which would be rather gritty. Blek.  There — you got a little grammar to tide you over. :) My hiatus is almost over. (Were those cheers or boos I heard? ...maybe a mixture of both. o_0)  I'm launching another pre-written post to let you know I'm still around, and to give you a heads-up.  The fun and talented Carol Kilgore will be visiting Monday with a guest post. She's got something really special planned. You won't want to miss it. ;) Today, I'm letting you in on an easy-but-yummy recipe the whole family loves.  *I* love it because everything but the butter is shelf stable, making this a recipe I can throw together on short notice. To make Cherry Dump Dessert , you'll need:

Still Hiding Out

If you're here for IWSG , sorry I missed you. I'm still on blog hiatus, working on my WIP.  See you next month. :)