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IWSG - What lights your fire?

  This is my   Insecure Writers Support Group   post for May 2023. Alex's awesome co-hosts this month  are:  Joylene Nowell Butler,   Ronel Janse van Vuuren,   Meka James,   Diane Burton,   Victoria Marie Lees,   and   M Louise Barbour! Please stop by their blogs and say thank you .  💻💻💻💻💻 May 3 question - When you are working on a story, what inspires you? I write historical romance, so I do a lot of research. Some of my best scenes were inspired by non-fiction articles or books I read during the planning and plotting phase. Pictures also inspire me. I'm a visually oriented person, so I often print out images that match my vision of the story's main characters, as well as landscapes of the setting, to help me describe them when I write. I would post a sample, but because they are for my personal use only, I don't limit myself to images that are royalty free. Sorry...not going to risk getting sued over a blog post. What about you? What do you do for inspiration? ❤❤