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New Release! - CassaDark by Alex J. Cavanaugh & April IWSG

This is my   Insecure Writers Support Group   post for April 2022. I'm posting a day early because our fearless leader just released a new book! Congratulations, Alex! To celebrate the release of his newest book, CassaDark , Alex J. Cavanaugh is visiting my blog today. I asked Alex if he would tell us about changes he made to the story during drafting, and he agreed to let us peek behind the curtain. Give the Ninja Captain a warm welcome! Changes!   Melissa asked about changes to the story, and once I thought about it, there were several things not in the original outline. Now, I am big on outlining and can take months to put one together with just the right amount of detail. So, changes sometimes throw a wrench in things for me.   One such change involved the death of a secondary character. One of my beta readers suggested it would make the situation more dire and realistic. And while I hadn’t intended to kill the character, the death did raise the stakes and revealed how much tro