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I'm still on hiatus, but I said I might pop in for something important. A friend's book release qualifies. And in this case, three! Julie Flanders and Lexa Cain both have new releases this week, and they are hosting a blog hop together to celebrate. Julie's The Ghosts of Aquinnah releases today, and Lexa's Soul Cutter releases tomorrow! You can add ' Ghosts ' to your Goodreads here and Soul Cutter here . There's a giveaway, too, so be sure to check their blogs. Today is also release day for Loni Townsend's debut fantasy, Thanmir War .  Loni is one of my critique partners. Unfortunately, I met her too late in the process to finish Thanmir War , but from what I *have* seen, I can assure you it's worth your time. Loni is a talented writer, and I'm blessed to have her as a CP.   The Earth Clan has declared war and a landscaper is at the dead center of it. Derek thinks his chronic headaches are the worst of his

Taking A Break

Two announcements... Mark Koopmans is hosting an event on Dec. 24th called 50 States of Pray. You can find more information on his blog . You can also follow on Twitter with the hashtag #50StatesOfPray. I'm taking a break for a while, both to spend time with my family over Christmas and to get some writing done. Save popping in for an important announcement, I'll see you sometime next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  :)