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To Have & To Hold by Scarlet Knight

I wasn't going to do this quite so soon, but the writing gods smiled and the publishing planets aligned early, so I put book two up for pre-order. Meet my latest book baby, To Have & To Hold (Sweetwater Duet Book 2) - contemporary paranormal romance with a dash of the past. Tada!

Grammar Quest #2 - Answers

This is the second half of Grammar Quest #2. If you didn't visit that post , you may want to do so before reading any further. The answers are below.

Grammar Quest #2

Today, we have a guest providing the content for our quest. Fellow author Jeanette Pierce is visiting! She's a retired English teacher, an author, an editor, and my mom. You can peruse her publications and her services on her website . Now for this month's Grammar Quest!

YES! An Honorable Man by Scarlet Knight

This is a release announcement and a cover reveal rolled into one.   An Honorable Man is available for pre-order! I've been waiting for this day for nearly a decade. An Honorable Man (formerly Sweetwater in draft form) is the first book I ever wrote. I can't believe it's finally in print! Today is a happy-dance day for sure. I'm glad I waited , though. The original draft was bad. Really bad. The past eight-plus years have given me skills and perspective that made a huge difference in the finished product. If you haven't figured out by now, Scarlet Knight is me.