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Promo Friday - October

It's time for Promo Friday again! I'm happy to feature author Patsy Collins today. Patsy writes everything from short stories to novels, and is published regularly by UK magazines. Her stories have also appeared in Australian, Swedish, and South African magazines. Patsy's latest novel, Firestarter , releases November 5th and is already available for pre-order! It's romantic comedy with a hot fireman and a few flames. Alice's fantasy starts with being rescued by a hunky fireman, involves the kiss of life and ends without his uniform. Although she refuses fireman Hamish's offer to act out an innocent version, boyfriend Tony's jealousy results in a split. Someone is making hoax fire service calls. Dad's explosive sprout surprise, Mum's baking, sister Kate's mind boggling pep talks and peculiar behaviour from Alice's boss Miles provide distractions. Is Alice really in danger? Is Hamish as perfect as he seems? It takes masses of

IWSG October - "Uncle!"

Life is demanding my full attention right now, so I'm skipping the October IWSG and going on hiatus, except for previously promised promo posts. (Say THAT five times fast.) I'll try not to miss November and get culled. But, hey... if I do, that'll give Chemist Ken fodder for a whole year's worth of posts, tracking another Maygrove fall from Ninja grace and the harrowing struggle to claw my way back up to the double digits. :P Be sure to visit the IWSG website .  Time is running out to submit to the Anthology Contest !