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A Self-publisher's To-do List

My blog visitors range from unpublished to traditionally published, so I thought I'd list the major tasks on my to-do list for those who might be curious. Caveat: This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it necessarily in the best order. Each person's experience is different, and his/her needs are unique. A Self-publisher's to-do list: Plot and write the story (that's a whole list of its own. LOL) Search stock images and hire a graphic artist or buy a pre-made cover  Choose a formatter and make contact (some are busy and have a waiting list) Choose an editor and make contact (they have even longer waiting lists) Make editing passes and polish manuscript Send it out to CPs and beta readers  Part II of that is: and give them a deadline While you're waiting...

Release Announcement - Precious Atonement

I wasn't kidding when I said things were happening fast. My second novel is now available! Woohoo! :D Ruined women don’t hope,  killers don’t dream,  and the dead don’t feel pain .   Cover image designed by Carrie Butler Forward Authority Design Services

Cover Reveal - Precious Atonement

Life as a self-published author is often a patience-trying experience. We work hard for months, hammering out thousands of words, polishing them just so, and then waiting on other professionals to complete their contributions to the project so we can get the things we need to launch our book babies into the world. Mostly, we fidget, and fret, and twiddle our thumbs. But sometimes, a whole bunch of things suddenly fall into place all at once. Well, that's the way it went with my upcoming release. If things keep going as they are, the e-book version might be published as early as the end of next week, and the paperback by the end of the month. That being the case, I decided I'd give you a peek at the cover. Carrie Butler has been at it again, and she's done a super job. :)

Promo Friday - July

It's time for Promo Friday again! Today, a few author friends from the Western Historical Romance Facebook group Pioneer Hearts are visiting, along with YA aut hor Emma Bloom and S ci-fi author and blogger extraordinaire , Alex J. Cavanaugh . First up is author E.E. Burke. Passionate romance, rich historical detail, add a dash of suspense and you've got an E.E. Burke novel. Here's a sneak peek at her latest in the series, Steam! Romance and Rails .

IWSG July - Adaptability: Another Maalox Moment

This is my Insecure Writers Support Group post for July. Alex's awesome co-hosts this month are:    Charity Bradford , S.A. Larsen ,   AJ , Tamara Narayan ,  Allison Gammons and Tanya Miranda Please stop by their blogs and say thank you .  First, some IWSG news from our fearless leader...