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Blogger's Block

I made a commitment to blog at least once a month, but I've been staring at this page for 10 minutes, trying to decide what to post. And that's after thinking about it off an on for days. I could tell you all that's been happening to me and my family, but that's not what this blog is for. I could complain about not making much progress on my current WIP, but then I'd sound like a broken record. I WILL take a moment to say how much I hate Blogger's new interface. Why must people fix what isn't broken? And why can't they give us a choice to keep the old design? Part of my blogging block is due to the fact I'm not visiting other blogs as much as I used to. I had to step back from the writing-blogging world to deal with life's responsibilities, and that has caused me to grow further and further out of touch with what's going on in the literary realm. It's proof, at least, that we bloggers feed off each other when it comes to inspiration. What