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Grammar Quest #1 - Answers

This is the second half of Grammar Quest #1. If you didn't visit that post , you may want to do so before reading any farther. The answers are below. Quest #1 passage with mistakes marked:      Nash paused next to his 72 El Camino and dug in his pocket for his keys.      “What are you doing?” Vivian screeched from an open second floor window. “Oh, heck no. Your not going anywhere.” She ducked back in.      Nash cursed and scrambled into the driver’s seat. He had less than a minute to make his escape. Vivian Shacklebolt was a vengeful winch, she’d tear him apart if she got her claws near him.      He revved the motor and burned rubber out of the drive. His backend fishtailed when it hit the road. He floored the gas as soon as he’d gained control. “Bye.”      Vivian’s livid, stomping form appeared in his rearview as the smoke cleared. “I hate you!” Errors: 1. The abbreviated year of the car make should have an apostrophe before it, in place of the fir

Can you spot them? Grammar Quest #1

The Grammar Goddess is baaaack! Remember looking through the funny papers on Sundays? One of my favorite sections was the part where two almost-identical pictures were placed right next to each other. The goal was to find the subtle differences between the two. I loved that game, and I sometimes won. But I frequently had to peek (drat it!) at the answers listed upside down at the bottom. I thought it would be fun to post a similar game. The passage below contains several errors. These errors can be anything from misspellings to improper grammar to missing or incorrect punctuation, etc. I'm not going to tell you what, and I'm not going to tell you how many. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find as many errors as you can. You can take all the time you wish, but no cheating--no helping each other in the comments. Tomorrow, I'll post the passage again with all the errors marked. Read, set, go.      Nash paused next to his 72 El Camino an