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Random stuff...

I got a chromebook so I could write more easily. It has its limitations, but it will do until I can get my laptop fixed or get a Mac. Things in Houston are getting a little better on the covid front. I hope you are staying safe and healthy out there. Sometimes it feels like this world has gone crazy. I found where Bill O'Reilly went. He's on The First TV at 7:00 PM central. It's available on Roku and via app for phone or tablet. If you're looking for an alternative to the mainstream news, give it a try. It may not match your political leanings, but it never hurts to listen to another point of view. (Yeah, I know. I just broke one of my blogging rules.) Regardless of which side you're on, don't let journalists or politicians tell you what your neighbor thinks. Get to know your neighbors. #LoveYourNeighbor #LoveYourCountry