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Book Wedding!

Hello, friends. Long time, no see. I've missed all you cyber-buddies more than you know. I'm taking a break from my (crappy-life-imposed) hiatus to tell you about the upcoming nuptials of good friend, and a unique promo opportunity. Most of you know by now that my alter ego is a NICU nurse. One of my co-workers--an awesome young lady whose bubbly personality makes me smile every time I see her--is getting married in May. She and her husband-to-be are planning a special theme, and they need our help. Shyrleen and Chris both love to read, so Shyrleen decided to incorporate books into the table decorations at her wedding reception. Not only that--these books will become gifts for her guests when they leave! Neat, huh?! That's where we come in. Shyrleen has been gathering books from friends and secondhand stores, but she needs more. When I heard about her plans, I offered to donate some copies and spread the word. I get to help a good friend, promote reading, and