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I have a Kindle and I buy loads of e-books. Like many of you, I often download books to support fellow authors, even if said book is outside my area of interest. The backlog of e-books I own is, well, it's embarrassing. Amazon sometimes informs me that a new version of an e-book is available. "Significant editorial changes have been made," the notifications usually say. The frequency of these has been increasing, but I rarely take them up on it. The reason I don't is twofold. Partly, I don't want to lose the original version of the book, and the update is apparently an either-or proposition. If they'd give me the updated copy and also let me keep the first, I'd be more inclined to accept. The other reason I decline is on principle.

$400 Amazon giveaway... times 2!

Yes, you read right--two $400 Amazon giveaways. If you enter both giveaways, you have a chance to win a total of $800 in Amazon gift cards just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  Enter now, and everyday until November 27th, to increase your chances of winning one or both $400 Amazon shopping sprees, compliments of The Kindle Book Review, Digital Book Today , and your favorite authors, including me. :) Here are the two links. (My book is included in the second one.)

I've gone visiting

Today I'm over at J Q Rose's blog , offering some writing tips and a prize.  I hope you'll pay us a visit. By the way, this is a series. The schedule for this month and next is... Nov. 6th - Joselyn Vaughn Nov. 13th - Me Nov. 20th - Conda Douglas Dec. 4th - Marsha R. West Dec. 11th - Kathy McIntosh Dec. 18th - Helena Fairfax Thanks for stopping by. :)

The New Mrs. Collins

Today, I'm posting a character interview with Leena Williams, the protagonist from Quanie Miller's latest book, The New Mrs. Collins .  *smiles*  This oughta be good. 

IWSG November - Sticks and Stones

This is my Insecure Writers Support Group post for Nov ember. Alex's awesome co-hosts for Nov ember are: LG Keltner, Donna Hole,   Lisa Buie-Collard   and SL Hennessy!   Please stop by their blogs and say thank you.  I'm a member of a small writer's group that provides accountability and encouragement for each of its members to reach his or her goal. One way we motivate each other is to email weekly quotes to the group on our assigned day.  This was the one I shared last week. Maybe it will encourage you.