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New Release! AS WE KNOW IT by Carrie Butler

Release day is here! Yea!!! Action - Adventure - Disaster - Romantic Suspense fans, gather 'round! There's nothing I can say (other than I read it and loved it!) that is more spectacular than what Carrie Butler has created, so I'll let the product speak for itself. :)

Cover reveal! AS WE KNOW IT by Carrie Butler

Whew. I'm glad to be posting good news for a change. And as good news goes, this is AWESOME! Carrie Butler has a new book coming in December. To keep all of us in pee-dancing, drooling anticipation , she's revealing the cover and the trailer.  Prepare to be blown away...

Anthology Fail - My side of the story

I'm sure by now, many of you have heard of the demise of The Thing That Turned Me anthology. The authors are pulling their stories left and right, and the publisher, Randi Lee of Stay Classy Publications, has apparently abandoned the project. She refuses to communicate with us, but her actions in the last week can't mean much else. I debated whether to post about this at all. We writers usually avoid saying anything negative for political and sometimes legal reasons. But I decided to put this out there, not only to warn my friends, but also to keep the publisher from being able to spin the story to her benefit. I was a contributing author and a front-row witness to the train wreck. This is not hearsay.

Houston, we have a problem

Due to delays on the part of the publisher, The Thing That Turned Me anthology launch is on hold until further notice. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused my readers.

The post I promised you

I've been lousy at keeping promises lately, at least to my cyber friends. That's because circumstances out of my control (read: life) have consumed my free time. Other than my submission to the anthology , I haven't written anything in months. Nada. Nothing. All I've managed to do is some research for my next novel. But even that was largely collecting info. I haven't had time to read much of it or make notes. So what HAVE I been doing? Well, let's see...