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Still Alive

It's feast or famine around here... hurry up and wait. Due to AtoZ, I scheduled my cover reveal a little earlier than I otherwise would have, and (unfortunately) that huge marketing push came about the time I was preparing my manuscript for the formatter. Gah! I'll never do that again. I was so busy there for a couple of weeks, I thought I was going to die! Now I've come to a strange lull. I'm literally twiddling my thumbs with nothing much to do. I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something, but according to my detailed publishing to-do list, I'm right on track.

Cover Reveal - Bella's Point by Elizabeth Seckman

Did you know? The cost of coffee post US Civil War was outrageous. And good manners forced Bella to only use what little coffee she had sparingly and for guests. But Bella didn't have to break her caffeine addiction. Yaupon leaves contain caffeine and grow wild in the southern US. Brew some up and you have a steamy cup of coffee alternative.

My blog has been hijacked!

The wonderful and ever so delightful Melissa is taking a post off, and I thought OH MAN! This is a GREAT time to show off some ... WESTERN HISTORICAL ROMANCE PICK UP LINES You honor of her book releasing in May titled COME BACK (congrats Melissa!!) I hunted down a few men, turned on a few fans, and let them speak some stellar pick up lines!

Cover Reveal - Another New Life by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Today, I get to help Sydney Aaliyah Michelle reveal the cover of her debut novel, Another New Life . Having just done this myself, I know how excited she must be. Congratulations, Sydney!

The Me You DO See

A mile-long 'to do' list comes with publishing your first book. If you think writing and editing the manuscript is the worst of your worries, think again. Accounts have to be opened, a website has to be built, a bio has to be written, and your book blurb must be polished to perfection — it's overwhelming. I thought I'd list a few resources that have helped me along the way. Maybe some of you will find these useful, too. Author Bio

Blog Luv List for Thursday

I'm feelin' the love so much today, I can hardly stand it! The writing community is awesome. Multi-published author and NA leader E.J. Wesley is posting the cover of my debut novel, Come Back . Thanks E.J.! The kind and multi-talented Michael Di Gesu chose Come Back for his letter 'C' post. He wrote one of his cool intros for my book! Another favorite writer-blogger, Liz Blocker , is hosting me for a guest post — an interview about writing the difficult scenes. This one's short, but it's deep. Fair warning. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll pay these generous bloggers a visit.  :)

IWSG April - It's my turn

This is my Insecure Writers Support Group post for April.   For more information about the group, see the bottom of this post. Alex's awesome co-hosts for April are:   Hart Johnson, Chemist Ken, Candilynn Fite,   Terri Rochenski, Clare Dugmore,   and Lilica Blake! Please stop by their blogs and say thank you. It's late Tuesday afternoon, and I'm just now writing my IWSG post. That is so not like me. But my tardiness has a good reason.

I've Changed My Mind

    I've decided not to  publish after all.