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Merry Christmas

I am taking a break from IWSG this month. See you next year. For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  - Isaiah 9:6 Merry Christmas ❤❤❤❤❤

Christmas Cat

Our new rescue cat, Poe, has made himself at home under our tree.  Can you find him? Poe has an easy gift idea. This is one of those buy-it-in-your-PJs kind of gifts. Amazon chose  COME BACK  for a month-long December Kindle deal. They cut the price in half!  Now's a good time to buy it for yourself, if you haven't read it, and gift a copy to the romance readers in your life. A kindle book is one of the easiest gifts to give. And it won't be opened before Christmas unless you want it to be. Stay safe and warm this holiday season!

Cowboy Kisses - November

I am over at the  CowboyKisses blog  today.  I'd love it if you'd stop by! Cowboy Kisses on  Facebook

IWSG November - NaNoWriMo

  This is my   Insecure Writers Support Group   post for November 2022. Alex's awesome co-hosts this month  are:  Diedre Knight,   Douglas Thomas Greening,   Nick Wilford,   and  Diane Burton! Please stop by their blogs and say thank you .  💻💻💻💻💻 November 2nd question - November is National Novel Writing Month. Have you ever participated? If not, why not? Nope. I'm one of those authors who wishes NaNoWriMo participants well then disappears for the rest of November.  Why? I work full time in addition to my writing. And,  because of the holidays,  November and December are two of the busiest months of the year. There's just no way I could squeeze in writing a novel, so I don't even try. Honestly, I often shake my head at whomever chose November for this. Maybe it's because the kids are finally settled into school, and the weather is turning too cold (up north, at least) to be outside much, but I don't get it.  I might participate once I retire, but for now, n

FULL DARK - Creepy tales for a good cause!

Tomorrow is FULL DARK 's 5th anniversary! If you're looking for a Halloween read, this is it. It's not super scary, and the content is PG-13, so you can enjoy it with your school-age kids. What happens in the dark will come to light .   FULL DARK  is a benefit anthology. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation, an organization that does many wonderful things for our country's active military, its veterans, and the countless first responders who sacrifice so much to keep us safe. ### Publisher: Obsidian Books Purchase links:  Kindle  ~  Paperback Thanks for visiting. Hope you have a fun, safe Halloween!

Cowboy Kisses - October

I am over at the  Cowboy Kisses blog  today.  I'd love it if you'd stop by! Cowboy Kisses on  Facebook

IWSG October - The Best Part of WHR

  This is my   Insecure Writers Support Group   post for October 2022. Alex's awesome co-hosts this month  are:  Tonja Drecker,   Victoria Marie Lees,   Mary Aalgaard,   and  Sandra Cox! Please stop by their blogs and say thank you .  💻💻💻💻💻 October 5 question - What do you consider the best characteristics of your favorite genre? My favorite genre to both read and write is western historical romance. I enjoy sinking into a book and experiencing life in the 19th century. It's interesting to compare the way common tasks were done back then to modern times.  I also like the traditional values.  The characters are typically hard-working, practical-minded people who aren't preoccupied with frivolous things and don't expect wealth and prosperity to be handed to them.  The hero and heroine often meet under difficult circumstances, but going through those trials together causes them develop solid, lasting feelings for each other. WHR MCs earn their relationship - no insta

New Release - Reckoning by Nick Wilford

Nick Wilford has a new book, and he's visiting today with an excerpt. How cool is that! ### Botilla woke up in the cramped hotel room where he’d been staying with his friends, Solomon and Crangle. He felt in his bones that he’d had enough, and surely the other two would agree. They didn’t have any pads, or anything fancy that the Harmonians had, but they did have a small TV in their room and they’d been watching the attacks on their countrymen with mounting horror. After seeing another three reported last night, by a newscaster who’d been grinning his head off, he’d fallen asleep and dreamed of Loretania, with towering buildings, a new sense of purpose, and people who loved and respected each other. It was definitely time to go home. Their lives were at stake here. Besides, the welcome sum they’d received when landing here – few Loretanians had carried any money with them, and it was still a relatively new concept – had almost dried up. As none of them had succeeded in finding work

First Love Blog Tour - Stop #10

Bringing up the rear and waving to us from the caboose of this blog tour is author Susan Gourley. Click on over for a final interview with the First Love authors . Thanks for helping us celebrate the release of this anthology!

First Love Blog Tour - Stop #9

Louise M. Barbour offers her thoughts on First Love .  Read her review here .

First Love Blog Tour - Stop #8

Author and friend, C. Lee McKenzie, is interviewing Linda Budzinski, the author of the title story, on her blog today. Show Lee some blog love and pay them a visit !

First Love Blog Tour - Stop #7

Today on the tour, we have something a little different. Author Elizabeth S. Craig posted an article titled  Working on an Anthology . I hope you'll pay her a visit.

First Love Blog Tour - Stop #6

Author Sandra Cox is featuring First Love on her blog today. Hop on over and show her some blog love!  Today is also my blog day on Cowboy Kisses . I posted about author life behind the scenes, to give readers a glimpse of my writing process.

First Love Blog Tour - Stops #4 & 5

Today on the tour, author Diane Burton posts an interview of the First Love authors. Check it out ! And author Cathrina Constantine is featuring the book on hers. Show her some love !

RELEASE DAY! First Love: The Art of Making Doughnuts

Could a fiercely independent cop’s heart be stolen by the guy who makes her favorite doughnuts? Will a maid who used deceit to snare a mail-order husband get a dose of her own medicine? Can her handsome neighbor rescue a modern-day “princess” from a tenacious ex-boyfriend? Can two strangers in a rideshare be honest enough to fall in love for real? You can get the answers to all those questions today! It's release day for the 7th annual Insecure Writer's Support Group anthology! First Love features the talents of Linda Budzinski, Melissa Maygrove, Michael Di Gesu, Sylvia Ney, Katie Klein, Kim Elliott, Templeton Moss, S.E. White, Denise Covey, and Sammi Spizziri. Hand-picked by a panel of agents and authors, these ten tales will touch your heart and rekindle lost feelings.  Prepare to return to that first love... ### First Love is published by Freedom Fox Press, an imprint of Dancing Lemur Press. Its collection of romance stories is clean and wholesome, and ranges from historic