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Random Writer Fun

Blog day snuck up on me this week, so we're going to have a little fun. Call it a twist on flash fiction. You can make this as funny and odd or as every-day-plain as you want.

Use a random name generator to come up with a few character names (here's another one with different options), and then use a random sentence generatorto get your creative juices flowing. Click the button until you have a few sentences you think you can use. Note: These random sentences can be very strange, so you will probably need to tweak them and add some of your own. 

When preparing your post (you might want to do it in Word first), list your sentences as they originally appeared and list your names, then write a piece of flash fiction using the names as your characters and the sentences as your inspiration.

Anyhow, when you get it done to your satisfaction, come here and post it for everyone to read. If it works like I think it will, this should be a blast. :)


  1. 1. Lilia Phou
    2. Marylou Schleusner
    3. Earnestine Chicoine
    4. Neva McCuen
    5. Kriss

    A shade vanishes around the brown disease.
    The custom duplicates a united heaven near a victim.
    An imprisoned fabric cruises past a newcomer.
    My courage flips?

    My courage, strong moments ago, flipped as Marylou cruises past the newcomer Neva. She was no longer imprisoned by the fabric of her being. When the shade vanished near the victim, I made my move.

    1. Way to go, Sidney! Thanks for playing. Love your take on the prompts. Woot! :D

  2. Oooo, I was looking for something fun to do for a post later this week. This is fantastic! :-)

    1. I did it on a whim, believe it or not, when yesterday afternoon I realized today was blog day and I didn't have a post scheduled. hahaha :D Go for it!

  3. Great idea, Melissa! :) Here are the random names I pulled:
    - Penelope Verona
    - Clare Lamarr

    And the random sentences:
    - The squad gossips.
    - The hypocrite judges the welcome.

    Here we go!
    Penelope Verona took a deep breath, smoothed the front of her skirt, and stepped into the foyer.

    There was no easy path to the sanctuary, no way to part the sea of unfamiliar faces. The church “regulars” had already established their circles, sipping their coffee and speaking in hushed tones. As she edged around them, their words blurred together, forming an impenetrable wall of sound.

    For a discussion so quiet, the message was clear.


    Across the room, Clare Lamarr straightened a stack of bulletins with a sigh. One of the women from her study group, The God Squad, was in her ear about the girl who’d just walked in.

    “Did you see her skirt? It looks like she came in off the street corner.” The woman made an exasperated gesture that morphed into a wave the second she caught someone’s eye. “Honestly, what kind of place does she think this is?”

    “I don’t know,” Clare answered, her shoulders sagging. “A masquerade?”

    1. Oh, wow. Excellent, Carrie--both the writing and the message! I love it!!! :)

  4. Of course I couldn't resist setting the obscurity factor to 99.

    1. Hayden Dugmore
    2. Vincenzo Igbinosun
    3. Dorsey Netolicky
    4. Margan
    5. Crista Chetelat

    I think Dorsey Netolicky might be my favorite.

    1. Of course. Hahaha. I busted out laughing when I read that. :D You could even make your own with Dorsey Dugmore. :P

  5. Here's mine...

    My characters:
    Brice Havercroft – Advertising Specialist
    Aaron McCloud – Marketing Director
    Porter Halon – Advertising Assistant
    Allison Durst – Brice’s Secretary

    My random sentences are imbedded in the dialogue, so I won’t list them separately. You’ll know which ones they are. ;)

    “Good morning, Mr. Havercroft,” Allison said as she hurried into his 24th-story office with his coffee. She promptly settled in to take notes and go over his plans for the day. Brice Havercroft was impeccably organized and all business—not one to waste time.

    “G’mornin’,” he mumbled from behind his computer screen. He rarely looked up; she was used to it. “How can the resistance invalidate a divine tobacco?”

    What? “...Are you referring to the Philip Morris account?”

    Brice rubbed the back of his neck. “An antisocial moron explodes.”

    A hint of a smile curved Allison’s lips. “Is Marlboro Marty giving you trouble again?”

    “A Catholic complains!”

    She glanced around, then leaned closer. “I don’t think you need to bring religion into it.”

    “The virgin delights a verb committee.”

    Gasp. “Mr. Havercroft!”

    “The pornography overlaps,” he muttered.

    Aaron McCloud paused in the hallway, then strode into the room. “Trouble, Ms. Durst?”

    Oh, dear. The marketing director. Allison tucked her hair behind her ear and composed herself. “Mr. Havercroft doesn’t seem himself this morning.”

    “Oh?” He eyed Brice suspiciously.

    Brice hooked a thumb in his boss’s direction. “His desktop crushes every slave.”

    Aaron gaped, then cleared his throat. “I see what you mean.” He motioned to an advertising assistant walking by. “Come in here, Porter. I need you.”

    “What can I help with?” Porter asked, approaching Brice’s desk.

    Brice looked up and frowned. “An immune nut swings next to a liaison, and this ugly assembly finishes.”

    The corner of Porter’s mouth quirked up.

    Brice hung his head and raked his fingers through his hair. “Why won't my internal horror speak behind a toast?”

    “What’s wrong with him?” Aaron and Allison asked Porter in unison.

    Porter grinned and shook his head. “He’s been playing with that random sentence generator again.” He leaned over and tapped a few keys.

    “What are you doing?” Aaron asked.

    “Switching him to Grammar Girl.” Porter winked at them and headed for the door. “After he plays with her for a few hours, he’ll be back to normal.”

  6. Aw, C'mon. It's just for fun. We all know it's un-critted and off the cuff. Try it. It's really fun. :)

  7. What a great post! I'm about to go spend a few minutes playing!

    1. Woohoo! Come back and post and let us in on your fun. :)


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