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A Change in Plans

Due to a minor scheduling snafu (which was my fault entirely *blush*), the next installment in the You Are Here tour is being posted a day early so that author and friend Carrie Butler can make a guest appearance on the blog tomorrow. But, hey. It's a 2-for-1 this week, so that's good for you.

To see a list of upcoming guests and topics, go to: Upcoming Guests & Events. (This link can also be found under 'Page Index' on the right hand side of the blog.)

Now for Wednesday's post...
The next topic on the tour deals with fiction writing skills that are not as obvious or basic as some, but ones that are important if you want your writing to be the best it can be. You may not be ready to incorporate these yet, but it won't hurt to familiarize yourself with the concepts my next article touches on. This way, when you get critiques from more experienced writers, you'll at least be prepared...and you won't think they're writing snobs. ; )

Please enjoy, one day early,  The Snobbish Rules of Fiction.

And Happy Valentine's Day, by the way.


  1. Can't wait to join you tomorrow! Off to read The Snobbish Rules of Fiction now. :)


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