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Grammar Police Monday - Big Changes

Announcements first! 

I've decided to quit writing and shut down my blog. 

I know. You weren't fooled for a moment, right? 
Everyone knows it's April 1st. :P

But seriously.  . . . No, really. Seriously. I've decided to go on a modified blog hiatus for most of this month and next month, too. I love interacting with you guys and I'll miss you bunches, but I need to finish my WIP before the kids get out of school for summer break.

Don't worry. I'll still be around, making occasional visits and firing off a few posts. Just not as much as usual. (*gulp* Was that a cheer?  0_0)

One more announcementCarol Kilgore's book,  
Solomon's Compass, releases tomorrow. 
Congratulations, Carol!


Alright, you impatient wordsmiths. Here's your weekly dose of GPM...

Err vs Error
The verb err means to be mistaken or incorrect, or to go astray morally. 
To err is human

An error (n.) can be a deviation from accuracy or correctness or a moral mistake, a sin. It's what the erring person does. I found at least ten grammatical errors in the first chapter alone. Where was the editor!

(You can stop checking your latest release. 
That was a random example. :P)

Dilemma vs Difficulty
Dilemma (n.) is a perplexing situation or problem, often a choice between two undesirable alternatives. Save her mother or her childshe'd never faced such a dilemma!

Difficulty (n.) is a fact or condition of being difficult. It can refer to many things; a trouble or struggle, an embarrassing situation, or a disagreement or dispute. Ever since Mary's husband lost his job, they've been having financial difficulties. 

Precedents vs Precedence
A precedent (n.) is any act, decision, or case that serves as a guide or justification for subsequent situations.  Landmark court cases set new precedents that establish a significant new legal principle or substantially alter interpretation of existing law. 

Precedence (n.) the act of preceding or the right to precede; order observed in ceremonies, as in diplomatic protocol. In a choice between video games and math. homework takes precedence.


Thanks for visiting. 

See you tomorrow for Lynn Rush's Violet Dawn Blog Blitz
and then Wednesday for IWSG.

(Yeah, I know, I know. Blog hiatus.
I'm just finishing out the week.) 




  1. Sometimes a little hiatus is good for us...especially when needing to get some writing done.

    Best of luck on the WIP and let us know how things are coming along when you come back.

    Best of luck!

  2. Happy April Fools day! I'll miss you while you're away, but understand the need to get some serious writing done.

    All the best of luck to you!

    See you when you're back. :-)

  3. We'll miss you, but April is a good month to get some writing done if you're not involved in the Challenge.
    Yeah for Carol!

  4. A break is the best thing for our writing sometimes. Good luck.

  5. I hope you come back to dabble a little. I am doing the same as you. Mostly finishing my novel and writing shorts for competitions.
    Thanks for the breadcrumb trail but I have worked out how to bookmark on my smart phone.

    Happy writing.

  6. I'll miss your grammar lessons. :( But have a very productive hiatus!!! :D

  7. Thanks for the shout out!
    We'll miss you ... so write fast and hurry back :)

  8. All the best to you Melissa-- so glad you are investing this time in your goals and dreams. We will be cheering you on and can't wait to read about the results!

  9. I don't blame you. I plan on taking a blog hiatus in June. ;) Now go write something for me to read!

  10. Aw, I'll miss you while you're gone. I always love your grammar police posts.

    It's good that you pointed out the difference between precedents and precedence, but there's an error in the precedence section. Video games ALWAYS take precedence over math.

  11. It's good to take a break especially if you're trying to get your MS done. Wishing well. :)

  12. Enjoy your time away, Melissa! I will miss you while you are gone. Hope you have a very productive break!

    Thank you for adding my book to your sidebar, I so appreciate that!

  13. Another great grammar police. It's always great to have these reminders.

  14. Noooo....
    But having been a sporadic poster myself, I understand the need to step away for a time. I'll miss you and I look forward to having you back soon. :)
    The WIP takes precedence ... ;)


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