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Follow Fest - Day 3

Welcome to Follow Fest! 
Today is Day 3 of a 5-day blogfest. If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time. :)

Each day, I'm going to post the Linky list for the current day and any previous days. Need to sign up for a day not shown? No problem! 
All the Linky lists are available on the Follow Fest information page. Just click, scroll down, and sign up.

Now on to the fun...

First, enter the drawing. 
Even if you entered yesterday, you can still earn more chances each day.

Carrie Butler, the one who designed the Follow Fest blog button, is sponsoring the grand prizea $30 coupon toward design services offered via her new business:

Thank you, Carrie!

And, to show my appreciation for all of you participating in the hop, I'm throwing in a $15 gift card to your choice of Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

(International entrants welcome)

Next, hop from blog to blog, meet other writers, and have fun!

But first, in case you forgot what all those little letters mean, I'm posting the genre key.

Just like yesterday, we'll start with the Linky for Monday...

...then the one for Tuesday...


...and today, we add the Linky for Wednesday...

The Linkies for Thursday and Friday are still open. 
To sign up, go to the Follow Fest page.


Thanks for visiting!
Come back tomorrow, when I add Thursday's Linky, 
and mingle some more. :)

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  1. (Swivels Angels baseball hat off to the crooked left)

    The Koopmans made it, y'all. We're posted, uhuh.

    (Snaps fingers)

  2. Sounds interesting, wish I heard of it sooner.

  3. Hi Melissa! I see you on Twitter chats all the time, but never found your blog til now. What a great blogfest! I'm enjoying stopping by and meeting new friends. :)

  4. It's great to see how many people are participating in this fest! I'm so glad to be able to meet some new folks and find new blogs to read. :)

  5. @Mark - Woot! Glad you made it!

    @Cathrina - There's still time to sign up. :)

    @Alex - More so than I thought it would, yes. But that just shows how awesome and supportive the writing community is. ;)

    @PK - I've found a lot of writers I wasn't following also. But, hey, that's what the fest is all about. ;)

    @Julie - Agree! Agree! :D

  6. Melissa, you are doing such a fabulous job hosting this hop. Wow! Can I just say, you're totally awesome? ;)

  7. Melissa, this is an awesome idea for a blog hop. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  8. This is such a fun blog fest. That's all I wanted to say :-)

  9. Sounds like a fun blogfest! So awesome!

  10. What a great way to meet other writers. This will be especially helpful for new bloggers!

  11. A great fest and well put together! Thanks. :) Writer’s Mark


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