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Promo Friday - September

I have seven books for you today. 
Now, that's more like it!

The first one is right up my genetics-lover, science buff alley. And it's part of a series! :)

E.E. Giorgi is celebrating a new release, MOSAICS -- A Track Presius Mystery!

MOSAICS is book 2 in the Track Presius mystery series, a hard-boiled detective thriller with a genetic twist. CHIMERAS, book 1 in the series, is a 2014 Readers' Favorite Book Award finalist.

Dubbed the Byzantine Strangler because of the mysterious mosaic tiles he leaves at the crime scene, a new serial killer is stalking the streets of Los Angeles. Racing to decipher the code encrypted in the tiles before the killer strikes again, Detective Track Presius faces a new challenge: the "awakened" genes that make his vision and olfactory sense so sharp are now taking a toll on his life. 

When a new set of tiles appears in his own backyard, Track makes a chilling realization: those very same genes that are threatening his life are drawing the Byzantine Strangler closer and closer. The fine line between hunter and hunted has suddenly blurred. Will Track be the next piece of the mosaic puzzle?

You can find MOSAICS at Amazon.

And you can visit E.E. Giorgi's website and blog here: 

Click here to enter the giveaway
Do you like a strong, 'kick-ass' heroine? Literally? Then get your hands on Fierce by L.G. Kelso. 

Tori’s MMA career was taking off, until she beat the wrong man. Her training partner, nursing a bruised ego, snapped—shattering her trust and confidence. 

Three years later, Tori’s keeping her fists to herself as she struggles to put herself through college. But when a group of gangbangers hassle her at work, old habits kick in and her fists fly. Max Estrada, a frequent diner customer, steps in and gets them out of hot water, but Tori is still fired… days before tuition is due. [...] The sexy Colombian draws her back into the world of MMA and revives her dreams of becoming a professional face-puncher—until Will, her old partner and current Middleweight Champion, struts back into the gym. The secret they share is an unexpected liability to his career, and he’s determined to keep her silent. 

With her life on the ropes, Tori will have to face the past for a shot at winning back her future, or carry the weight of a loss even greater than before. 

Fierce is L.G. Kelso's debut novel. Congrats, L.G.!!! :D 
L.G. has a blog tour starting on the 15th. Contact her for details.

Buy it here:
Amazon/Kindle  ~  Nook  ~  Smashwords

Kobo & itunes/ibookstore coming soon  
Don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads 
M. Pax released The Rifters, the first book of her new series, on  September 8th. Congratulations, Mary! :D

The Rifters is available at a special introductory price--FREE! 

... Nestled inside ancient volcanic peaks, the town of Settler, [Oregon] holds onto many secrets. Residents roam the streets with weirdly fashioned devices, and odd lights pulse in the night skies. People whisper of a phantom outlaw and start dying, murdered and missing their heads. On top of it all, [Daelin Long’s] sister is missing, and Daelin doesn’t know who to trust. 

[Earl Blacke] knows more than he's saying. He shares a notorious history with the phantom, on he'll see remains buried. Keeping Daelin's sister's secrets is his only chance at redemption, and the only way to keep this world safe.

B&N / Smashwords / Googleplay / iTunes / Kobo

Versent Books / inktera

The second book in the series, The Initiate, will be available on October 20th. It's available for pre-order for a special price at select retailers. For more information, click here.

Giveaways and events are ongoing through October 31st. Check here for details.
Author Cassie Hayes has a western historical romance on sale. You can get Gold Rush Brides: The Beginning for just 99c!

Who needs a man? Certainly not Miss Delilah Price! 

Abandoned by the man who ordered her as a mail order bride, Delilah struggles to get by in Gold Rush-era San Francisco. Jack Dalton struck it rich in the Sierra Nevada and is having a mighty fine time spending his gold at dance halls and saloons in town. Can they let go of their pasts and find hope for their future or will they let their fears tear them apart? 

You can buy Gold Rush Brides here:
Amazon  ~  iTunes  ~   B&N  ~  Kobo 

...and you can find Cassie here:
Website  ~  Facebook

Carol Kilgore's book, Secrets Of Honor, releases very soon, on September 15th!  

Sometimes, a woman has to do what a woman has to do . . . even when she knows she shouldn't.

Carol writes 'crime fiction with a kiss,' and her stories are darn good stuff. :)

You can keep an eye out for Secrets Of Honor and its buy links on Carol's website.

If all goes as planned, How I Found The Write Path, an anthology of letters compiled by PK Hrezo and Carrie Butler, should be available on Monday, too. Woohoo! 

(I contributed to this ebook, so I'm allowed a little happy-dance. :)
And last, but definitely not least, I have some great news from  Alex J. Cavanaugh...

On the heels of the wonderful turnout for Sunflowers for Tina on Monday, Samantha Redstreake Geary made this announcement:

“As a lasting tribute to Tina, I, along with 25 amazing authors, are publishing audiomachine‘s TREE OF LIFE: Branching Out collaborative story in ebook format on Amazon, launching Sept. 12th! Stunning book cover designed by gifted graphic artist and composer, Ryo Ishido. All proceeds of the TREE OF LIFE ebook will benefit the Downey Education Fund set up for Tina’s two boys.

Tina contributed to this anthology - and it's available Today! 
Thanks for visiting. :)
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  1. I know many of those fine authors.
    Thanks for mentioning the Tree of Life!!

  2. Wow! Awesome books. I already have Mary's, but I need to check out the others.

  3. some cool covers up there -- thanks so much for including my book, Melissa!

  4. I see my Amazon list growing! Great covers with good-sounding stories, too. And wonderful news about the Tree of Life anthology. Thanks for including SECRETS OF HONOR here.

  5. Thanks for featuring the Rifters :) So many great books I need to check out. I have a chapter in The Tree of Life too.

  6. Love those covers, esp The Beginning. And what a great tribute Tree of Life is!

  7. I do hope the Tree of Life sells well, it is a wonderful thing to do. All the other books sound great Melissa. Thanks for telling us about them.

  8. What a great collection of new books! The covers are eye catching and so are the stories. :)
    I can't wait to dig in and start reading!

  9. Woohoo, found some great new want-to-reads on this list. Thank you :)

  10. Lots of interesting book. I think I'll be going for The Rifters and How I Found The Write Path.


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