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Promo Friday - February

It's time for another Promo Friday.

Today, I'm featuring two talented ladies--
Loni Townsend and Elizabeth Seckman.  
I get to brag on two friends with one post. :) 

Loni Townsend, who recently released This World Bites, has been bitten by the publishing bug for sure. Her short story titled Piper is part of the just-released anthology Of Mist and Magic: Really Slow Motion, AND she has a second short story due out in another anthology in early March. Go, Loni!!! :D

Piper wiped his face with a hand, and then he spat as mud rubbed off his palm and into his mouth. His raft hadn’t survived the collision with the rocks. He had, somehow, but now he was late for the extermination.

I was excited to see several other familiar names among the list of contributors to Mist, like C. Lee McKenzie, M. Pax, and Crystal Collier. I snatched up a copy on the spot! :)

 Available on Amazon.

By day, she writes code. By predawn darkness, she writes fantasies. All other times, she writes in her head.

People call her peculiar with a twisted sense of fashion, but don’t let those understatements fool you. Her behavior is perfectly normal for a squirrel disguised as a human. That’s part of being a ninja—blending in.

She makes her home in Idaho with her sadistically clever—yet often thwarted—husband, two frighteningly brilliant children, and three sneaky little shibas.

The beautiful and hilarious Elizabeth Seckman is celebrating the release of her newest book, Defying Reason. And giving us a quick tip. :)

Did you know...if you give your sweetie a French kiss for one minute, you'll burn 26 calories and exercise almost all the muscles in your face? Grab a breath and start working out! 

Jo Leigh Harper comes from a long line of trouble-making, white trash stock.

Tanner Coulter comes from a longer line of wealth-creating, blue blood stock.

Jo graduated college top of her class, moving toward a future full of possibilities.

Tanner dropped out of college, trading a law degree for drinking games and one night stands. A family crisis throws the rich party boy and the poor genius girl together. The attraction is immediate, though neither one is a heart-in-the-sand-drawing believer in true love. But as the summer heats up along the shores of the Outer Banks, so does the connection between them. Maybe, just maybe, they can win at love by defying reason. 

Elizabeth is a multi-published author of books for people who are believers in happily-ever- after, true love, and stories with a bit of fun and twists with their plots. The mother of four young men, she tackles laundry daily and is the keeper of the kitchen. She lives along the shores of the Ohio River in West Virginia, but dreams daily of the beach

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Thanks for visiting. :)
Remember: the next Promo Friday is scheduled for March. 13th. 
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  1. Love the quick tip. I think my significant other would like it too. =)

    Congrats to both Loni and Elizabeth!

  2. These both look great! There are too many good books on my TBR list! How will I ever read them all?? ;-)

  3. Two great authors with really interesting works out! Great Promo Friday, Melissa!

  4. Woot! Thanks for the shout out!

    Elizabeth's quick tip is awesome. I just keep thinking that with my current cold/illness racing through my family, I'd probably suffocate from my stuffy nose before the 60 seconds passed. :) Yay on the new release, Elizabeth!

    1. Thanks Loni!! Too bad we weren't closer in geography, we could party together!

  5. Replies
    1. You bet! I was happy to do it.
      I got my copy of 'Defying Reason,' btw. ;)

  6. I'm very happy for Loni and Elizabeth! Best wishes for many many sales.

  7. I've seen both these books around the blogosphere. They both sound really good.

  8. Such gorgeous covers.
    My story is also in the anthology, Of Mist & Magic... I'm excited!

  9. Yay for Elizabeth and Loni! Love both those ladies. I think this post calls for cheese. At least, I'm having some. Why not share, eh?

  10. Congratulations, all! It's amazing what hard work and skill can accomplish.

  11. How did I miss this post!! I'm sorry, ladies! Huge congrats and support to Loni and Elizabeth!!!


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