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Promo Friday - April

It's time for another Promo Friday!

This month, I'm featuring YA writer Bethany Averie, an author I met at the Writespace Valentine's day event here in Houston. Bethany is super nice, and the excerpt she read was interesting and funny. It definitely made me want to read her books.

Bethany is celebrating a new release:  
Immortal Love, the last book in the Immortal Dreams trilogy.

Congratulations, Bethany!

You can find Immortal Love here:
Amazon Kindle

Thanks for visiting. :)
Remember: the next Promo Friday is scheduled for May 8th.
Deadline for submitting content is Wednesday, May 6th.  

(Promo Friday is a monthly service I provide to my followers.


  1. Hey Melissa,

    I think it's way cool that you promote authors. I shall thus pass on my hearty congrats to Bethany.

    Now I will take the liberty of sharing your post via all those social networks, even "Farcebook"!

    Gary :)


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