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New Release! Romance and Mystery Authors on Writing: Tips on the Writing Process, Publishing and Marketing

I was invited a while back to guest post on J.Q. Rose's blog during a series she did on writing tips. With her guests' permission, Janet has turned those tips into a Kindle e-book to help budding writers. 

Several authors contributed information on various aspects of the writing and publishing process, and Janet took those posts and organized them into a book by topic. The book sells for 99c, and the proceeds are donated to libraries.

Fifteen romance and mystery authors share writing tips they have gleaned from their experiences as “on-the-job” writers. The tips are organized into the main topics of writing, publishing, and marketing. The novelists also reveal the “light bulb moments” in their writing journey, questions they are asked most often, and the best advice on writing they have received. By offering their expertise, the authors hope to smooth the sometimes rocky road for new writers toward a rewarding career in writing.

Best wishes to you for success in your writing career!
Authors who have graciously contributed to this project are:
Conda Douglas
C. Hope Clark
Gail Roughton
Heather Fraser Brainerd
Heather Haven
Helena Fairfax
J.Q. Rose
Joan Curtis
Joselyn Vaughn
Kathy MacIntosh
Marsha West
Melissa Maygrove
Miss Mae
Roseanne Dowell
Sara-Jayne Townsend

 You can get your Kindle copy here.

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  1. Hi Melissa, Thanks so much for telling your readers about this compilation of writing tips. Besides the tips on my blog, new material is also in the book. My favorite sections are the authors' light bulb moments and the best advice they ever received on writing. Many gems of information for new writers, and perhaps for experienced ones too! Thank you for being a part of this project!

  2. Congrats on being a part of a great resource for many writers!

  3. Congratulations! It sounds like an invaluable resource. :)

  4. I need all the advice I can get! I must check it out.

  5. I'm always impressed by writers who take the time to share their experience.

  6. I'm always impressed by writers who take the time to share their experience.

  7. I like seeing blogger-writers create group projects. You can't go wrong when combining so much wisdom.

  8. What a great idea. Congrats to all the writers. This will be a great resource.

  9. Congratulations! I'm sure it's a handy book for any writer.

  10. Oh this sounds so awesome. Looking forward to reading!

  11. I visited, Melissa, but of course, not being a novelist this is not something I would read.

  12. Yea! Congratulations! I'll check it out!

  13. sounds like a handy book and I love that the proceeds go to libraries.


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