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Tips for Writer's Block & Winner Announced!

I'm guest posting on Annalisa Crawford's blog today with my Top 5 Tips for Writer's Block. There's a giveaway, too.

If you entered the Precious Atonement giveaway on Alex's blog last week, click through and see if you won.

Good luck! :)


  1. Hi, Melissa... Off to visit you at Annalisa's blog!

  2. Very timely post. I will check it out.

  3. Just read your tips, thanks for posting them. I commented over there too, but #5 is my favorite, together with walking ... apparently the increased blood flow helps the creativity juices. :-)

  4. Helpful advice, Melissa.
    I hope you're enjoying Atonement success.

    1. Thanks, Robyn. I wish you the same for your book. :)


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