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Promo Friday - October

It's time for Promo Friday again!

I'm happy to feature author Patsy Collins today. Patsy writes everything from short stories to novels, and is published regularly by UK magazines. Her stories have also appeared in Australian, Swedish, and South African magazines.

Patsy's latest novel, Firestarter, releases November 5th and is already available for pre-order! It's romantic comedy with a hot fireman and a few flames.

Alice's fantasy starts with being rescued by a hunky fireman, involves the kiss of life and ends without his uniform. Although she refuses fireman Hamish's offer to act out an innocent version, boyfriend Tony's jealousy results in a split.

Someone is making hoax fire service calls. Dad's explosive sprout surprise, Mum's baking, sister Kate's mind boggling pep talks and peculiar behaviour from Alice's boss Miles provide distractions.

Is Alice really in danger? Is Hamish as perfect as he seems? It takes masses of wonderful food, disgusting wine, smelly mud, red-footed crows and steamy Welsh passion, but Alice finds the answers.

You can find Firestarter on Amazon.
Sweet, wonderful Ruby Merritt has a new western historical romance! Ruby, a friend of mine from Pioneer Hearts, just released Lena's Courage, the second book in her Spirited Hearts series on September 23rd. Check it out!

Lena Schuler has returned to her hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming to make a life for her and her son only to find the man who brutally stole her innocence six years earlier has returned as well. Lucas Kline, a promising attorney, has come to help mold the Wyoming territory into a civilized state and find peace from his own troubled past. When Lena’s attacker threatens the safety of those she loves, will she have the courage to face him and help Lucas put him away once and for all?

Ruby's on Facebook.

You can find Ruby's books here:

Some of you may remember an interview I did with author / journalist Jef With One F, a.k.a Jef Rouner. (Jef told us a story of meeting David Arquette, complete with YouTube proof.) Well, I'm happy to announce that Jef has a new book - an anthology of horror shorts titled The Rook Circle. Congratulations!

Five bizarre tales designed to disturb and delight lovingly illustrated in one collection. UNDERBITE – a narcissistic vampire has an encounter with a world-weary descendant of Van Helsing who tells him to check his privilege. A SENSELESS EATING MACHINE – at an aquarium amusement park a harmless animatronic shark has downloaded a new program, kill. NEVAEH – Lissa goes to work at a drive-thru church and finds her faith tested when she meets Nevaeh, who sets a tragic fate in motion. CERIDWEN’S CAULDRON – The bathtub is deeper than you think. It goes all the way to the end of the world if you have the right ingredients. EVERYONE’S WAITIN’ ON THE MAN WITH THE BAG – Dark spirits haunt Christmas, and sometimes they’re exactly what we need to save us. All will be told in The Rook Circle.

The Rook Circle is available on Amazon Kindle.
Want some free books to read? I know a place you can get some, and all you need to give in return is a book review. You'll also be entered to win a monthly giveaway and a grand prize.

Jessica Therrien is the mastermind behind this awesome event - the R&R Challenge Library. The idea is to hook readers up with books that need reviews. You can read as many as you like, so long as you post your review(s) between October 1st and March 31st.

Read the rules here.
Thanks for visiting. :)
Remember: the next Promo Friday is scheduled for November 13th.
Deadline for submitting content is Wednesday, November11th.
For rules & instructions, see my contact page. 

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me and Firestarter, Melissa!

    The other books mentioned look great too.

  2. Cool, didn't know when Patsy's book was coming out.
    All signed up for the Read and Review Challenge.

    1. November 5th is bonfire night in the UK, Alex so it seemed appropriate.

  3. Thank you for featuring me on Promo Friday, Melissa. ❤️

  4. The R&R Challenge Library sounds awesome, as do the books you've featured today. The Rook Circle is my favorite among the three.

    1. Thanks, Jeffrey. Glad mine sounds awesome even if it's not your favourite! The three cover quite a wide range of tastes, don't they?

    2. Hi, Jeff. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Congrats to all three. Gotta say, Jef's cover is very cool!

    1. Thanks. Nick.

      There's a crow in my book - maybe I shold have put him on the cover? ;-)

  6. Congratulations to Patsy and other authors! Awesome books.

  7. Viva promo Friday! Congratulations all around. :)

  8. Huh. I guess I missed this somehow. Grats on the upcoming release, Patsy. It sounds Hott. ;)

    The Rook Circle sounds like a great piece for Halloween.

    I saw Precious Atonement on the R&R challenge and I was all, Dang, I should've waited a bit to submit my review. :) Ah well.

    Hey Melissa, is Marcy Hatch one of your HR buddies? WEST OF PARADISE sounds like it might be a fun read. You know I do love those HR with time travel involved. :D


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