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Tease me, baby

That post title was a bold, self-serving hook, I know. But I AM going to tease you - every day from now till MONDAY!

Ten talented authors joined me to produce the FULL DARK anthology. I want to showcase their work, but if I save it all for Monday, the release day post will be a mile long! So here goes. Enjoy!

Just A Matter Of Time by Loni Townsend
Paranormal Short Story

(Loni had to nix the blurb, because it would give too much away. Good thing, because you don't want any spoilers for this. Wowza!)

Loni Townsend - Wife. Mother. Writer. Ninja. Squirrel. By day, she writes code. By predawn darkness, she writes fantasies. All other times, she writes in her head. People call her peculiar with a twisted sense of fashion, but don't let those understatements fool you. Her behavior is perfectly normal for a squirrel disguised as a human. That's part of being a ninja--blending in.


Forerunner by David Powers King
Paranormal Short Story

A prisoner accused of murder on a submersed oil rig is about to come face to face with a dark truth. There is no escaping yourself.

Born in beautiful downtown Burbank, California, David was inspired by all things science fiction and fantasy and began writing stories of his own. He now lives in the mountain West with his wife and four children.


FULL DARK releases Monday, October 30th and benefits the Gary Sinise Foundation, an organization that does many wonderful things for veterans and first responders.

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