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Grammar Quest #3

Can you believe I missed posting this last month? I'm slipping!

The passage below contains several errors. These errors can be anything from misspellings to improper grammar to missing or incorrect punctuation, etc. I'm not going to tell you what, exactly, and I'm not going to tell you how many. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find as many errors as you can.

You can take all the time you wish, but no cheating—no helping each other in the comments.

Tomorrow, I'll post the passage again with all the errors marked.

Read, set, go.

     Charlene took a sip of wine and resisted the urge to throw her glass of cabernet at her cousin's head. Gerald was too calm. He was either very arrogant or very stupid. 
     Gerald glanced around the cafe and leaned toward her. "Don't worry, Char. I have all the CEO's won over except Silverton, and I meet with him tomorrow."
     "But he's the smartest one. It's going to take more than a smile and some boardroom slight of hand." More than a few bold-face lies, too. "Regardless of how convincing you are he'll see right through it."
     "Have a little faith."
     "Faith is what got us into this mess."
     "Char, using the church as a client pool is genius. Silverton will wish he would of come up with the idea himself."
     "If he doesn't steal it."
     "He won’t. You’re such a pessimist." 
     No, I’m an opportunist.
     Charlene sat her glass down and got up to leave. 
     Silverton won’t steal your idea because I’ll beat him to it.


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  1. This is a fun exercise. Can't wait to see the answers...see how many I missed.

  2. Four errors pop out to me, but I don't have quite as a discerning eye as you! :)

  3. Kudos to Scarlet!
    I saw several and am iffy on a few.

    1. I freelance edit, and I still look stuff up all the time.

  4. I see 'em! That's why we need editors.

  5. Saw some but am sure I missed others. I need an editor and have one at my contract writing job.

    1. Mine finds tons of stuff in my writing. It's embarrassing. >.<

  6. Congratulations on your December release! Hey, I see a notary showed up. At first I thought it was another quiz, extra credit.

    1. LOL
      I get those once in a while. I vanquished him.

  7. I saw five, but I'll have to wait until the answer come out to be sure. Thanks for the fun quizzes, Melissa.

  8. I count 10 if we are basing it on American English. There were two I wasn't sure you'd count, but I personally would.

  9. I only saw five, so I'm obviously missing something or three :)

    Off to see the results now!

  10. I got 6 also. If there are ten like Lynda said, I probably missed commas. I hate commas.


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