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Fixing my broken heart

Some problems have cropped up with my heart. I need a valve replacement, among other things. I'm not a candidate for TAVR, so it'll be open heart surgery. Previous heart surgeries (congenital) are complicating things. 

My heart can never do anything plain and straightforward. Oh, no. It's gotta be all fancy.

I'll be admitted into the hospital in a couple of weeks for more testing and a heart cath, then two days later, they'll do surgery. Predictions are that I'll stay there a week, followed by two months of recovery at home. 

My mom and daughter are coming to take care of me, and short-term disability checks will keep the mortgage paid. I'm very blessed. Now I just have to stay optimistic and not let my nurse brain run amok. I'm plotting my next novel with hopes I can write it while I'm out on leave.

If you have room for one more on your list, I'd appreciate your prayers.


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