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IWSG's 12-year Anniversary - Looking Back

 This is my Insecure Writers Support Group post for September 2023.

Alex's awesome co-hosts this month are: 
Sonia Dogra, 
Please stop by their blogs and say thank you


September 6 question: The IWSG celebrates 12 years today! When did you discover the IWSG, how do you connect, and how has it helped you?

Goodness! Has it been 12 years? I feel old.
You are old, Melissa.

I had trouble locating my first IWSG post. But that's probably because I signed up, forgot to post, and got kicked off. Alex was gracious enough to let me try again.

Since then, I've left the hop and rejoined, as life and blogging time allowed. I enjoy touching base with my cyber-friends, and I find comfort in knowing other writers struggle with the same things I do. I've also learned a lot over the years.

My August 2012 post on the almost-one-year anniversary of IWSG was one of my funnier ones. Click if you need to lighten up and have a laugh.

The true one-year post was about plotting. I used color-coded scene cards. You might find it interesting.

Occasionally I've opened up about my struggles and insecurities. That's the nice thing about this group. We can be real. We can also celebrate our successes with each other.

When I have time for extra visits, I go to the bottom of the sign-up list to connect with new writers, in hopes of paying it forward. Sometimes I find one or two.

Gone are the Platform-Building campaigns. The number of blog comments is down. The blogosphere is not what it used to be, and that makes me sad. 

All the more reason I'm grateful that IWSG is still around, and I'm in awe of Alex and all he does for the writing community. 


IWSG is the brainchild of Alex J. Cavanaugh. It's a monthly bloghop that offers a safe haven for writers to express their feelings and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. It's also a venue for offering  support, both in the form of comments and positive posts. Writers of all kinds are welcome. 

We 'meet' the first Wednesday of every month. If you're interested in learning more, click on the link above. And don't be intimidated by the size of the group. We're not expected to visit everyone on the list


  1. I am really grateful for the IWSG too. Like you, it makes me sad that so many people have dropped out of the group and that blogging in general is not what it used to be.

  2. That is so true. The blogging world has changed. Thanks to the IWSG, there's still a place where writers can be themselves.

  3. I was so scared to dip into the blogging trenches. This group, and Alex, helped me through it. I love this group.

  4. I've had my blog for 18 years now and it has changed so much since then. This group has really kept writers with blogs going though.

  5. You were my inspiration to join this group. Thank you!

  6. I read your almost one year anniversary post and I can identify with each of those stages. Cute. Writing is addictive. Yes, we just have to keep going and going and going. It seems blogging these days is kind of old-fashioned, but I love it and love this group. Newsletters used to be out of fashion and now they're the "in" thing to do to reach readers and keep them. Blogging will come around once again, I'm sure.

  7. That first post you wrote gave me a good laugh.
    It's great to find other writers to talk to who struggle with the same insecurities.

  8. So much has change in the blogosphere (and everywhere else) in those 12 years. Nice the ISWG is still here and going strong.

  9. The IWSG has such a wonderful sense of community, which is hard to find in online groups. Being a part of the group has kept me moving forward (like a snail...) on this crazy writer journey.

  10. I think it's a boon that the platform building campaigns are gone, though... I do miss the void they left. But the interaction is a lot more natural these days. People visiting are there because they really share a common interest. Now.... if we could only find some way to fill that void.

  11. Without blogging, I'd never have found you and Carrie. Then where would I be?? Who would I bombard all day with my half-baked thoughts, memes, and bitching??

  12. It's great that IWSG is still going, it's a real bastion of support among a very fragmented world of social media. Lot of valuable connections formed here.

  13. I too go on and off the list as life gets in the way. But I am grateful for this fantastic group that keeps me writing and working towards my goals despite life's ups and downs. Heidi Angell


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