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Captcha-Free Blog Buttons

Tell visitors up front that commenting on your blog is easy and encourage them to stick around. If you have a Captcha-Free blog, you are welcome to grab one of these buttons and put it in your sidebar.

Conditions for use:
  • Make sure word verification is turned off on your blog.
  • You must link the button back to this page (the HTML code should do that automatically) and...
  • You must not alter the image or use it for anything else (you can alter the size).
How do you know if word verification is off?
(Testing it by commenting yourself won't work. Your blog won't require it of you, the blog owner.)

Go to 'Design' and then 'Settings.' When you click 'Posts and Comments,' make sure it looks like this:

Notice where it says 'Show word verification' the setting is 'No.'

Once you're sure word verification is off, grab the code for your favorite button and paste it into a HTML gadget on your blog. (Click for instructions.) And consider following my blog while you're here. I'm Captcha-Free!  :)









I plan on making more buttons as I have time. If you have a special request - color scheme or otherwise - let me know. :)


  1. I like your buttons! I'm going to have to chat with you when you get the time and ask how you get the html code linked to your buttons. I have no problems making buttons in photoshop, but the rest I need to bug someone about. (:

  2. I love the buttons! (-: Thanks!

  3. Hi Melissa, I'd like to try using one of these buttons but I'm unsure about the word verification. I'm new to blogging and can't find out about this verification feature. I'm on which as far as I know doesn't use captcha(?) certainly there's no 'Show word verification' or anything like it on my comments control section. But is it a case that everyone knows a worpress blog is captha free? I'm probably being really clueless about it all but I can't find the info anywhere else to save from asking dumb questions :-\

    1. I don't know about Wordpress blogs, but I'd be glad to go leave a comment on yours and see if it's on.

  4. These are adorable buttons. But if I tell the world I am captcha free, then will all the kooks jump on my site and leave ridiculous comments? Thank you.

    1. I haven't had any trouble. I *do* restrict anonymous comments, but that's the only special thing I do.


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