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Captcha-Free Blog Buttons

I'm a woman on a mission...
To banish Captcha (aka 'word verification') from blogs.

To that end, I designed some blog buttons that advertise Captcha-Free-ness.  If you want to encourage visitors to follow your blog, then grab a blog button and put it in your sidebar.

How do you do that?

Just go to my Captcha-Free Blog Button page and copy the HTML code for the button of your choice. There's more code than what shows in the box, so be sure to click and drag all the way to the end.

Go back to your Blogger blog (not sure about Wordpress or others) and open up 'Layout.'

Look in the sidebar of your choice for 'Add a Gadget' and click that.

Scroll until you find HTML and click that.

When the window opens up, paste the HTML into it.

You can give it a title or not. It's up to you.
While you're there, you can adjust the size of the button to fit your blog. 

Toward the bottom of the code, you'll see two numbers (in this case 120 and 120). Without changing or deleting anything else, you can adjust these numbers up or down, just keep them the same (ex: 100 & 100 or 150 & 150). Hint: If you get them too big, the image may blur. No problem--just go back in and adjust them lower.

Once you're done with that, 'save' the HTML. When you 'save arrangement' and 'view blog,' the blog button should appear wherever you added it. Just test it to be sure the link works, and you're done!

Happy blogging. :)


  1. Thanks, Alex. I hope it catches on. :)

  2. Love this! I hate that stupid word verification!!!!

  3. I love your mission! Stopping by from Hope Roberson's blog! Nice to meet you! ;)

  4. Yeah for captcha free!
    Ok, so I just posted a comment on your buttons post but I can't find it anymore!? LoL!!

    1. That's cause I have a post and a page by the same name. Ooops. :)

  5. An important post, to be sure. Many people don't realize how bad CAPTCHA is at stopping real spam. But it's great for driving commentors away! That's something NO blog wants or needs.

    1. Amen. I've been Captcha-free since I started my blog in January and I've had absolutely no problem with spam. The only thing I restrict is anonymous comments (to keep the trolls away. LOL).

  6. Thanks for providing these, Melissa :) Keep fighting the good fight!


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