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Grammar Police Monday - Ensuring You Know Your English

I hope you don't mind covering commonly confused words again this week. These lessons are easy to throw together when scheduling blog posts ahead of time, and I needed a few to get me through the rest of the summer and make the first couple of back-to-school weeks less stressful.

Here we go... 

Assure, ensure, & insure 
  • Assure means to promise or say something with confidence. I assure you the man is trustworthy.
  • Ensure means to make sure something will or won't happen. According to the commercials, drinking Ensure ensures you'll get your vitamins.
  • If you insure something, you obtain a policy that will repair or replace it if the item is damaged or stolen. Insuring your car ensures it will be fixed if you wreck it.

Boy, didn't I learn THAT recently. *sniff* My poor baby. :( 
Thankfully, the car was the only thing hurt.

Beau & bow vs bough & bow
  • Beau (boh) is an attentive, male companion/escort.
  • Bow (also boh) is a hunting device used to shoot arrows or a ribbon decoration on a gift.
  • Bough (bou) is a branch of a tree.
  • And bow (bou), when used as a verb, means to bend one's body forward at the waist in a show of reverence or respect. The peasant bowed before the king. Used as a noun, it refers to the front of a boat.
Oh, and one more before I goexplicit vs. implicit
  • Explicit is an adjective meaning clearly expressed or demonstrated, leaving nothing as merely implied. The love scenes in that book were explicit.
  • Implicit means the opposite, which is why I chuckled at a book review that said the story was 'too sexually implicit for' the reader's taste. *giggle*
That's all I've got for today. Thanks for visiting. :)


  1. I'm feelin' smug this morning... since I knew ALL of these. Oh, yeah!

  2. I hope my writing is sexually implicit :) Want to build up the steam without saying too much ;)

    Hard to believe there's only a month left before school starts, yikes! Hope you're enjoying it ;)

  3. Those are good.
    Sorry about your car!

    1. Thanks. It's fixed now. It was my first wreck in nearly 30 years--quite a Maalox moment.

  4. Yeah, the assure, ensure, insure is a big one! Thanks! Glad you're okay although car troubles really stink!

  5. Your car makes me so sad! I'm glad it's back in action now. :D

  6. That's so sad about your car :(

    These grammar things always get me... grr. Very good post!

    And so nice to *meet* you. I found you through one of my FFF girls, Ms. Cassie Mae :)

    1. Hi, Kelly. Glad you stopped by. And thanks. My car's all better now. :)

  7. Ah, the magic of prefixes.

    Sorry about your car. That stinks.

  8. Ooo, that last one was very helpful. :-)

  9. Knowing all of these made me feel smart! :-p

  10. Can't even spell 'always' allways? all ways?
    nor alright/allright/ or all together in the alltogether/altogether??
    Have looked up the -nn- or -n- in the spelling of 'diction[n]ary' hundreds of times. Luckily it tells you on the front cover :-)
    But then: I am faultless in the spelling of 'Metasequoia glyptostroboides', which unfortunately doesn't come up a lot.

    1. LOL - I'm that way, too. I have no trouble spelling long medical or scientific words, just the common ones. :P
      Thanks for visiting. :)


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