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Flash Me. I triple-dog-dare ya.

What the?
Button up that trench coat, buddy. That's not what I meant!

We're going to have some writer/blogger fun with a twist on flash fiction. I did this a while back and it went over well, so I'm doing it again. (If you weren't around for the original post, here's the link.)

You can make this as funny and odd or as every-day-plain as you want.

Use a random name generator to come up with a few character names (here's another one with different options), and then use a random sentence generator to get your creative juices flowing. Click the button until you have a few sentences you think you can use. 

Note: These random sentences can be very strange, so you will probably need to tweak them and add some of your own. 

When preparing your post, list your sentences as they originally appeared and list your names, then write a short piece of flash fiction using the names as your characters and the sentences as your inspiration.

When you get it done to your satisfaction, come here and post it in the comments for everyone to read. 

Trust me. It's a blast. :)


  1. What a great idea-- going to have to see if I can work that into some creative free writing time today!

  2. I wish I had time to participate. Sounds fun!

    1. I hear ya. Apparently everyone is as busy as we are. LOL

  3. This one looks like a real challenge. Let's see if I can get the time and my creative juices flowing...


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