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Grammar Police Monday - Don't Judge Me

Here's a quick and relevant usage lesson...

Empathy vs Sympathy
Empathy (n.) is an intellectual identification with another person's feelings, thoughts, or attitudes because one can relate to their situation.

Sympathy (n.) means having a general compassion for; feeling sorry for. 

And then there's sympathies (n.), which means support or loyalty. I wish I knew where his sympathies lie

Critique vs Criticize
While these two are similar, critique has a more positive connotation than criticize.

Critique (n.) is a detailed analysis or review, often of a literary work; (v.) to review or analyze critically.

As a contest prize, the editor offered a 20-page critique.

Criticize (v.) means to censure or find fault.

All she ever does is criticize. I wish she would say something encouraging once in a while.


Don't forget, IWSG is this Wednesday.
I'm honored to be one of Alex's co-hosts this month. 
Send me some clones and wish me ninja speed. LOL

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting. :)


  1. Congrats on hosting! May you have all the ninja speed you need!

  2. And then there's apathy, but I don't care to go into that right now. :)

    SO good that the email problem has been fixed! It was nice to see the GPM post ready and waiting for me.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  3. And very happy to have you co-host!!! I'll send some extra clones.

  4. Congrats on hosting! Put your twin mom powers to use! Chat with you Wednesday...

  5. Yay for co-hosting! I hope you find all the clones you need before Wednesday. :)

  6. Love this post as always! Such a fun series, Melissa. And yay for co-hosting this month. That should be fun!

  7. Very subtle differences, to be sure. Thanks for co-hosting with Alex. My post is ready :)

  8. Yay! Congratulations on co-hosting!

    P.S. You know I love empathy... ;)

  9. I can say after all I've written, I totally knew the difference between critique and criticize :).

    It's good that you pointed out empathy vs. sympathy. I've seen them mixed up a lot.

  10. Congratulations seem to be in order, so please add my cheers to the chorus. Appreciate the unique post too, am feeling much smarter than when I ventured in. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I prefer critique to criticize any day. Yay to hosting IWSG. :)

  12. Great words to put in the spotlight!

  13. Have fun hosting the IWSG!
    Love the usage lesson. I always wonder though, is someone who offers a critique a critiquer or a critter? ;) Spellcheck dings me on critiquer every time! So they must be critters ...

  14. I've got my IWSG scheduled, M! (Wouldn't miss the month you were hosting for anything.)

    Good luck blog hopping, I'll see you out there. :)


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