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Grammar Police Monday - Pure Gold

Before I get started, I have to comment on the drawing. 

My daughter is currently taking German. She had to complete a project listing all her family members, including a few details about them (in German, of course). She drew pictures of us, too.

You guessed it. This is me...complete with glasses. 

As my husband said about his drawing, "I wish I was that skinny." :P

So what do you think? Should this become my new Grammar Police avatar?

Chute vs Shoot 
A chute (n.) is an inclined channel; trough; steep slope.  

Toss the laundry down the chute. 

To shoot (v.) means to discharge or send forth a projectile from a weapon. 

"Don't shoot!"  

Cement vs Concrete 
Professionals distinguish between cement, the gray powder that comes in bags, and concrete, the hard substance that results from mixing cement with sand, gravel, and water. 

(I have to admit this one got me where I live. I've always used these interchangeably.) 

Bullion vs Bouillon

Bullion (n., BOOL-yun) is gold or silver in the form of bars or ingots. 

Bouillon (n., boo-YON) is a clear broth usually made from boiling chicken or beef.


Something else that qualifies as pure gold is 
any book by Carrie Butler.
Courage, book 2 in her Mark of Nexus series releases tomorrow. 
I urge you to get your hands on a copy. 
You won't be sorry.

That's all for today.
As always, thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. 1. I LOVE the drawing! Yes, it should be everywhere. :)

    2. I once had chute seats at a PBR event. It was awesome.

    3. Thanks for the shout-out! <3

  2. You really know how to cement your GPM ideas into concrete blog posts!

    Your daughter's drawing is very nice and should be used however and wherever you can!

    Great GPM today! I always learn so much. Getting cold...gonna go make some chicken bullion. ;)

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  3. I think I might have used cement and concrete interchangeably as well. Or maybe I just used pavement. Hmmm.
    I really like the drawing!
    Went to the Courage page and looks good, I'll have to wish list it tomorrow, yay!

  4. I definitely think it should. Love it!! How fun. :)

    I confess to having a terrible time with bullion and bouillon. Fortunately I rarely use the words!

  5. Absolutely use that drawing! Precious. :)

    I think the cement/concrete thing is probably a Southern deal, because I've always used them interchangeably as well. Probably why I've never been allowed on a real construction site. :)

  6. You'd think whoever created English would be kind enough to not make homonyms. It's hard enough to use this language as is. :-) Thanks for the quick reference. Oh, and your daughter caught your personality. Very interesting!

  7. Her drawing of you is cute.
    Don't think I've mixed any of those up in a wrong way.

  8. OMG that drawing is too cute! If would be great as an avatar! And I had also been using concrete and cement interchangeably. Good to know!

  9. The drawing is wonderful. I love how she did the glasses!

  10. What a great drawing! And your husband, too funny!

    Thanks for the cement vs concrete thing. I've used them interchangeably, too.

    Love the seamless transition to the Courage shout-out. :)

  11. I like her drawing and I say AMEN to any kid that draws me stick thin. She's a keeper. ;)

  12. Looks like you have a new avatar pic :).

    Did not know about bullion vs. bouillon. Maybe I should stick to using ingot if necessary.

  13. I used cement and concrete interchangeably, too, until a few years ago. Husband corrected me. Hate that - LOL!

    Love the drawing! Use it!

  14. I love the pic! You should def use it for your avatar. Too cute!
    I never realized the difference between cement and concrete either. Learned something!


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