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Something Fun

I had an idea for a meme months ago. I stuck it on my list of things to do and finally got it put together when the kids went back to school. With the holidays coming up, I figured this was the perfect time to unveil my idea.

Gah. Not another meme.

*frowns* I heard that.

Untwist your Fruit-of-the-Looms and stop aggravating your TMJ. It's not what you think. I won't ask you to answer 1,011 questions or hyperlink 250,000,000 of your closest friends. This meme is simple. It knows you don't have a lot of time. *smile*



May I present the...

The rules are:
  1. Copy these rules and include them in your post.
  2. Display the blog button, link the person who tagged you, and answer the three questions they asked.
  3. Come up with three new questions of your own; one serious question, one fun question, and one sentimental questionor just use the same ones. We're all busy, right?
  4. Tag three other bloggers and pass on the meme.
See? I told you it would be easy.  :)

I'll start it off...

Question #1 (The serious one)
What's your best piece of advice for surviving the holidays?

Question #2 (The fun one)
If you could be one of Santa's elves, what would your workshop talent be?

Question #3 (The sentimental one)
What's your favorite holiday-related family tradition?

To show I'm a good sport, I'll answer the questions.
  1. My best holiday advice is: Open a special savings account and have a little money taken out of your paycheck every two weeks for a year. Come December, you'll be able to pay cash for Christmas. 
  2. My workshop talent would be: Putting the glitches in the video games. :P
  3. My favorite tradition is: Going to a tree farm, riding on a tractor-pulled trailer, and cutting down a live Christmas tree, then coming home, sipping hot chocolate, and decorating it.

Now it's your turn.
For the first three victims, I tag:

and anyone else who wishes to participate.


Thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. LOL. If nothing else, this totally makes me laugh. I love the name of the meme :)

  2. That's a funny meme!
    Your elf talent scares me though...

  3. I agree-- the name is funny! Irony at its best. :)

  4. That's a great name for a meme!

    Your holiday advice is too late for me now, though!
    Can you remind me again say, the week after Christmas? LOL

  5. You're like the little girl from Wreck It Ralph! LOL

  6. Love the meme! Will participate in it in the next week or two! :)

  7. Your answer #2 was so funny. Things are always breaking down on me and then hubby comes to look and it's working fine. It really ticks me off. Fun post! :-)

  8. A glitch or two would keep gammers on their toes and on their ears at the same time. I say, go for it.

  9. Oh I missed this earlier! How fun. I love your answer to #2, breaking things would have to be my talent as well. :D
    Thanks for tagging me!

  10. Awesome photo graphic for this meme. Love it. I often feel like that woman in the picture.


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