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Cover Reveal - Honesty (Mark of Nexus 2.5) by Carrie Butler

I'm venturing out of my hiatus cave again. This time to (belatedly) mention EJ Wesley's new release and to announce Carrie Butler's newest cover reveal.

For the scant few who don't already know (*blush*), EJ published the 5th installment of his Moonsongs novelette series, Vampire's Ball, in late December.

Congrats, EJ!

Besides the quality writing, I'm partial to the series because it's set in Texas; and I'm partial to book 5 because it takes place in Galveston, a coastal city not far from my Houston home.

If you haven't sampled Moonsongs, you're missing out. :)

Be sure to visit EJ's blog (he has a tour going on) 
and add Vampire's Ball to your Goodreads.

Now for the good news from Carrie...

Honesty (Mark of Nexus #2.5)

Category: New Adult 
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Book Description:
Note: This title is best enjoyed after Strength (Mark of Nexus #1) and Courage (Mark of Nexus #2). Cole Blake is more than just a roguish ladies’ man. He’s also a dedicated worker—so dedicated, in fact, that he’s willing to blackmail his boss with a falsified sex tape in order to keep his job. And his proactive efforts don’t end there. After hours, he uses his Dynari abilities to moonlight as a vigilante, keeping his neighborhood safe from drunks, dealers, and would-be thieves. Until a mistake stops him dead in his super-accelerated tracks. Now burdened with the closest thing he’s ever had to a conscience, Cole struggles to justify his once-reckless actions. It’d be all too easy to give in to his darker impulses, especially with ERA making dangerous advances toward their goal of revolution, but embracing that hatred could jeopardize the few relationships he actually cares about—including his pursuit of the saintly Rachel Ranford. No, in order to keep everyone safe, he’ll have to come clean about his warring compulsions and ask for help... before his dark side takes over.

Click here to read the first (unedited) chapter of HONESTY!
Want to learn more about HONESTY? Check out its book page!

Where to Find Carrie:

•    BLOG:
•    NA ALLEY:
•    GOOGLE+:
Great cover, Carrie. 
Can't wait!  :)

See you guys again soon. My hiatus is nearly over.


  1. Both these covers look great, I will definitely have to take a look at both books :)

    1. Yes, they do. And you really should. Both Carrie and EJ are talented writers.

  2. Cover is awesome, Carrie! And I have EJ's book downloaded.

  3. EJ is rocking it out with his Moonsongs stories. So happy for him and many Congrats to Carrie for Honesty making it's way soon. Definitely like the conver :-)

  4. Thank you, CP! I can't wait to swap. <3

  5. It's nice to hear from you, Melissa! And EJ and Carrie are two of my favorite people. They are both incredibly talented and it's SO NEAT to watch their success. Very stoked for these stories! :)

  6. Cole! Love the cover and that sexy smirk. :)

    Congrats to EJ, too!

  7. Good to see your face poking out of the cave :)

    Both these books look good. I've seen Carrie's out and about, but not E.J.'s. Set in Galveston, eh? Must read! Times two!!

  8. Congrats to Carrie and EJ!! I love the covers :) And it's good to have you back, Melissa!

    1. Thanks, Liz and Carol.
      I'm not officially back, but I will be soon. ;)

  9. Hey :)

    Happy New Year to all the Maygroves and I'm glad my former hair brought you much merriment :)

  10. I have to admit, Cole is my favorite. I have a thing for crazy guys. *glances sidelong at husband*

  11. I wish both EJ and Carrie great success.

    Also, Melissa, I'm glad you're coming out of hibernation soon, and hope you're using the time both wisely and joyfully.

  12. A double-header! Wishing Carrie and EJ much success in their efforts.

  13. Always awesome to share a post with my Alley sister! :D Congrats to CB on another fabulous cover!

    And thank you so much for the shout out, M! :) Sorry I'm just now getting around to making it over. Life has taken a baseball bat to me since the New Year, but I'm finally getting things back to normal... I hope. LOL

  14. Congratulations to EJ and Carrie! All the best!


  15. EJ and Carrie do it again! Hurray! See you back at full speed soon, Melissa. Hope your break was wonderful.

  16. Ah! How have I not stumbled across this post? Oh, I know. I dropped off the face of the earth for a week. I SO want to read both of these. Seriously.

  17. Hi Melissa, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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