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Gone Visiting & Reminder

This quick post is to let you know that I'm guest-posting at Natasha Hanova's blog today, regarding my promotional paper products experience. The article has pictures, too! I hope you'll pay us a visit, if for nothing more than to laugh at my amateur photography. :P

Did you notice the blog button to the right? >>>
(Feel free to steal it, by the way. *grin*)

Woot! Pre- cover reveal activities for my debut novel, Come Back, start Mondaycomplete with contest and giveaway!

Thanks for visiting. :)


  1. Can't wait to see the cover!! :D

  2. I'll go check it out. Also, can't wait to see your cover reveal. So exciting!

  3. When you say "quick post", are you referring to how fast you typed it, or how short the post is? Promotional paper products. Now I'm thinking of butt wipe. If I have a chance from my hectic schedule, I shall check you out over there.......................................................................

    "Woot"? Is that a real word? LOL

    Gary :)

  4. I'll take a look now.

  5. I love visiting new blogs, don't you know? So I'll hop on over.
    And I'm excited to see your cover--and check out what's behind it of course. :)

  6. Thanks again for letting me host you!


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