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Making Some Changes

We writers are constantly juggling our writing time with family, friends, chores, jobs, and social media. We often struggle to keep up with our blogging friends and give up writing time just to make all the visits and leave the expected comments. 

I mean, you have to make 'em to get 'em, right?

True. But now that I'm published, I have a very different perspective, and it has made me take a hard look at how my social media time is spent. I may lose some blogging friends over it, but I'm changing my behavior to fit my new priorities. This decision hasn't been easy. I enjoy visiting my writing buddies and chatting with you guys on social media. It's fun! 

It's also educational. I've learned a LOT from visiting blogs and reading articles. Most of the craft know-how I've gleaned has come from CPs and the blogosphere. I also feel it's important to meet other writers and nurture those relationships, to keep in touch with and encourage my cyber friends. 

But if all the visiting and reading and commenting is so much of a time-suck that it's keeping us from writing, what's the point? 

Now don't get all freaked out and think I'm shutting down my blog or somethingand don't you dare get the idea you're not important to me anymore. You are! I'm even planning another Follow Fest this year.

I'll still be around, just not as often. I probably won't visit other blogs on days I'm not blogging, but that's nothing new. Because of the extra workload publishing my debut put on me, I haven't been doing that anyhow.

As part of this change, I've decided to group promo into one monthly post. On the second Friday of each month, I'm going to post Promo Friday. Anyone who follows my blog is welcome to contact me and ask me for a mention. I won't consider it spam. 

If you have a cover reveal, new release, giveaway, sale, etc., contact me with the necessary information (images, links...)  by the second Wednesday of the month, and I'll add your announcement to the post. Since these posts will be promo for others (and I work most Fridays), I won't be replying to comments those days.

The promo thing won't be an abrupt switch. You may see me post announcements on another day of the month. I reserve the right to do that at my discretion. After all, I don't mind tossing some in if I'm already blogging, and I have lots of folks to pay back for all the promo they did for me.

The reason I'm making this change is to be practical and to be a good steward of my time (and yours!). It's important for us to socialize and celebrate our accomplishments with with each other, but we're writers. We need to be writing.

So, are you cheering me or cursing me?


  1. I'm cheering! Excellent idea and I'm planning on doing something similar beginning in January.

  2. I think it's a smart decision. I only blog once a week and while I visit others during the week as well as on that one day, if I'm too busy I don't feel guilty. I'm also adjusting the promotions I do.

  3. Oh yes, family and life do come before blogging (at least in my book). I'll miss your grammar Mondays, but I think you've got a smart plan. Go for it!

  4. Smart decision. I think that we all have to put our writing first. Working on a new project and promoting yourself is already exhausting enough as it is. I certainly wish you luck, both with your blog and any upcoming projects.

  5. Thanks Carol, Alex, and Carrie. Good to know I'm not alone.

    Loni, there is a page on my blog that lists and links all the GPM lesson... if you should suffer any grammar withdrawals. :P

    Thanks for your support! :)

  6. Never apologize for doing what you need to do when you need to do it. It's your blog!

    Take care of you!

    Write more stuff!

    It's all good!


  7. I think cheers are in order! I long ago adopted the idea that I would do what I could when I could. I do have to do something different because time is limited and you're so right, the writing has to come first.

  8. Big time cheering. It's a constant struggle to balance social media, writing, work, family, life...and too often social media takes over. It's inspiring when blogging buddies reset priorities and remind all of us to do the same. So, thank you, Melissa :)

  9. This sounds like a great idea! Would you want to make it into a blog hop? I'd love to participate on a regular basis, and that way people can promo their own stuff--less work for you! :)

  10. Thanks Heather, Elizabeth, and Liz. I worried I might hurt some feelings, but maybe I'm saying what everyone is thinking but afraid to voice.

    It won't bother me if others make their own Promo Friday, Lara, but I don't mind posting promo for others. I'm just trying to streamline the process. ;)

  11. I'm smiling. I had to cut back to--not to once a month, but to a pace I could handle. I used to blog three times a week. Can you imagine the maintenance? Whew! I loved it, but it did eat all my time. Speaking of which, I should be hanging with my littles. ;)

  12. We all have to make choices and do what's best for ourselves. My agent made me join FB (I didn't want to). Now I love it. Nothing I do online seems to help marketing, but when I need a smile, I go to FB and look at my friends' funny pics. When I need some sympathy and to feel I'm part of the writing community, I visit my bloggy friends. Do what's best for you and good luck!

  13. I'm cheering you! It's a wise decision. I need to cut back on my networking time too, but then I feel guilty about it. It's hard to balance everything, but you're right: we need to be writing first!

  14. Definitely cheering you. ^_^ The whole blogging thing is helpful, but it's really time-consuming as well, so I think setting a schedule and all that is a great idea. I only post and read others' blogs on Wednesdays, and that keeps me from spending a ton more time at it. Oi!

  15. Cheering from me :)

    (but only because I agree with the time suck:)

  16. Crystal, Lexa and Christine - balance is a difficult thing. I'm not sure if we ever find it. Feels like it's something that's constantly shifting and needing to be readjusted.

    Mason and Mark, Thanks for the cheers. :)

  17. I'm cheering you on!
    Actually, there have been quite a few posts around Blogland, dealing with this very topic - managing/reducing your blogging time and finding the right balance...

  18. Good for you, Melissa. Do you!

    Plus, I think a lot of us already have or are in the process of changing blogging habits/priorities. I know I have and it's such a relief.

  19. I'm doing a very similar thing on my blog. I've been thinking about it for a while and will wait to make my changes until after Christmas.

    It will be good for our blogs and for our visitors. I know it.

  20. You're being smart. I used to post 3 times a week. Just couldn't sustain that. So once a week is good for me. And I try to visit blogs throughout the week when I can.

  21. Thanks Holly, Michelle, and Demetria.

    Lee, I agree.

    Jay, I still debate about doing some visiting most days vs. doing it all on my 'blogging' day. There's positives and negatives to both.

    Thanks, everyone, for visiting. :)

  22. Oh cheering, for SURE. :)

    We DEFINITELY get it. And you'e SO SMART, Melissa. I love that you spelled this all out because you're a great example. <3

  23. I'm still trying to do it all. Sigh. Someday I'll learn. When I finally break, probably! lol!

  24. i'm totally with ya! i've cut down to once a week, even during my tour. AND i'm trying to visit all the people who visited my tour people. Once the tour is over, things will settle down for me a bunch!

    it's nice to see im not alone in the stress of things! and thanks for supporting my BBF tour, too!


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