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Mom did it again!

We're a prolific family, at least where writing is concerned. LOL

I'm happy to announce that my mom, Jeanette Pierce, has published a second set of workbooks, this time via Elk Lake Publishing and based on the Western Christian Romance When The Cowboy Rides Away by Molly Noble Bull.

These workbooks are designed for use by private schools, home schools, and individuals, and are available on Amazon.

Study Guide for Teachers 
This guide has been designed to aid the teacher in teaching When the Cowboy Rides Away with a minimum of preparation time. The importance of developing literary and writing skills that help prepare students to succeed in college guided what lessons were included in this study guide. It includes documented background information about South Texas during the last half of the nineteenth century, study questions with answers per chapter, vocabulary list per chapter with definitions, questions re: structure of the novel, two writing assignments that can be done with little or no help from the teacher, and a fun activity, making lye soap. This guide also has a copy of a major test with the answers and a copy of the same test without the answers that the teacher has permission to make copies of for each student. 

Study Guide for Students
This student guide accompanying Molly Noble Bull’s novel, When the Cowboy Rides Away, teaches students literary skills as they read an exciting, historical western romance. It includes background information about South Texas during the last half of the nineteenth century, study questions per chapter to guide student’s reading, vocabulary development, questions on the structure of the novel, two writing assignments that can be done with little or no help from the teacher, and a fun activity—making lye soap. A major test has been prepared and included in the teacher’s guide to be given at the conclusion of the novel. The guide was designed to include skills that aid students in preparing for college.

Jeanette Jones Pierce was born on a farm in southwest Arkansas and grew up among hay fields, bovines, and pines. She received her BS degree in education with a major in English from Southern State College (now Southern Arkansas University), Magnolia, Arkansas.  She later received her MA in English from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.

All of her teaching has been in The Lone Star State. She retired after teaching English in public schools for twenty-seven years. Then she taught English in Christian high schools for three years, two of which were at the Presbyterian boarding school in Kingsville, Texas, established in 1911 by Henrietta King, wife of Richard King, the millionaire King Ranch icon. Finally she taught freshman writing at Texas A&M University at Kingsville, Texas for two years.

Prior to writing the study guides for When the Cowboy Rides Away, Jeanette wrote and published The Gatehaven Study Guide for Teachers and The Gatehaven Study Guide for Students, based on Molly Noble Bull’s novel, Gatehaven, published in March 2014. Both novels have Christian themes.  All novels and companion guides are available on

Maggie Gallagher, twenty-one, runs the Gallagher Ranch in South Texas and has raised her little sister and orphaned nephew since her parents and older sister died. No wonder she can’t find time for romance!

When the Cowboy Rides Away by Molly Noble Bull opens two years after Maggie loses her family members. Out for a ride with her sister, she discovers Alex Lancaster, a handsome cowboy, shot and seriously wounded on her land. Kind-hearted and a Christian, Maggie nurses him back to health despite all her other chores. How could she know that Alex had a secret that could break her heart?

Molly Noble Bull’s When the Cowboy Rides Away is pure fiction. Yet it’s more than that. The novel is a window into the early life of author, Molly Noble Bull, because like Sarah in the novel, Molly spent part of her growing up years on a sixty thousand acre cattle ranch in South Texas. When Molly writes about ranching in Texas, she writes from memory and experience.

You can find the novel on Amazon

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  1. Way to go for your mom. I don't know these books your mom is writing handbooks about.

  2. Congrats to your mom. That's so awesome!

  3. Replies
    1. Jo, MJ, Alex, and Christine, Mom says thank you. (I'm still working on her tech savvy-ness and blog-comment-ability. :P)

  4. Yeah MOM! Congratulation to her. --- and workbooks! nice.

  5. Way to go, Jeanette:)

    Congrats, and keep on going!! You and Melissa can race each other for Book Launch Days:)

    1. Thanks, Holly, Jeanne, and Mark.

      It'll be a long race, Mark. Life has put writing on hold for both of us, I'm afraid.

  6. Congratulations to your mom! You're clearly a talented and creative family.

    1. You haven't seen us all together on holidays. You might not put us on such a high pedestal. hehehe

  7. This is so cool. Congratulations to your mom!! She's a lovely lady.

  8. Ah, so you come from a writerly family? That's epic. Keep that legacy going, eh?

    1. Well... I was the first to publish. LOL
      Thanks, Crystal.

  9. Hey Melissa,

    Awesome stuff about your mother. I shall duly share this post. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar does note you are um, a "pawlific" writing family! :)

    Happy pawblishing, doh, Penny is such an influence on me! LOL

    Gary :)

  10. Congrats to your mom! I remember reading a western story and having to answer questions and stuff about it back when I was in school. ^_^

  11. A writing family? Wow.
    Congrats to your mum!
    (Maybe you and your mum will co-write a story/book some day. Wouldn't that be cool?)

  12. Congrats to your mom! That's cool that she's able to write to help students. I don't think my writing helps anyone. :)


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