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Christmas Cat

Our new rescue cat, Poe, has made himself at home under our tree. 

Can you find him?

Poe has an easy gift idea. This is one of those buy-it-in-your-PJs kind of gifts.

Amazon chose COME BACK for a month-long December Kindle deal. They cut the price in half! 

Now's a good time to buy it for yourself, if you haven't read it, and gift a copy to the romance readers in your life.

A kindle book is one of the easiest gifts to give. And it won't be opened before Christmas unless you want it to be.

Stay safe and warm this holiday season!


  1. Oh how sweet! Our cats are rescue cats. They are the best.

    1. Rescue pets definitely are! They come already trained! LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Ha! I'm surprised he hasn't managed to get one stuck on him.

  3. Well Merry Christmas to me!! My first gift in my virtual stocking. Looking forward to reading it. LOVE your picture. My cats adore my tree skirt and by NYs day it has tons on cat toys under it-their gifts to themselves, apparently-along with those ornaments that disappear off the bottom branches (plastic, of course!). Happy Holidays!!

  4. What a cutie!! And a great deal on a great book!

  5. One of our cats love to climb up the Christmastree and hide out in the branches at about eye level. Nothing scarier than suddenly spotting a pair of eyes staring out at you from the tree.

    1. I bet! I sometimes get freaked out when Poe's eyes reflect the light from across a dark room, especially if I didn't know he was there.


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