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Convince Me - Kindle vs. Nook, Amazon vs. Barnes and Noble

Okay. I'll admit it. I'm an Amazon/Kindle snob. I've been shopping at for years, so, naturally, when e-readers got popular, I bought a Kindle. (And, yes. I did compare the various readers before making my choice.) I like the features of my Kindle Keyboard, and I like the user-friendly web design, the reader reviews, and the service at the big A. 

When my mom (the little traitor) bought a Nook and asked me for help, I found it difficult to use, and I found Barnes & Noble's website difficult to navigate. Of course, if she had wireless in her house, it might help. *pointed stare at mom*

Now before you assemble a torch-carrying mob and head my direction, let me say: I do like B&N for their in-person service, namely helping me order books in the past, and I love their stores. I also like some of the features of Nooks I've seen (such as page numbers), and, if I'd been using their website longer, I might not find it so confusing. But, by and large, I'm pretty sold on Amazon.

So. If you're reading this and you like B&N, Nook and or Goodreads, speak up. Pretend you're a salesman, tout the benefits, and win me over.

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  1. I'm a Kindle/Amazon person. One of my critique partners is a Nook person. She has yet to sway me. :-)

    1. I bought a Nook because it was a bit cheaper than the Kindle and because my Barnes & Noble was nearby, and they instructed me in how to use it and set up an account with them. I am too cheap to pay for wireless connection and downloading without one creates a brain drain in me. If I could win a Kindle free, I would change. The words free and cheap keep popping up in this. Hmmm
      Savvy Granny01

    2. Hi, Savvy Granny. There's always Christmas... Who knows. Maybe your daughter will buy you one. ;) (Thanks for being a good sport, mom.) :D

      Thanks for stopping by, Natasha. I'll keep my Kindle, too, but I'd like to learn more about Nook, B&N and Goodreads, so I'm hoping more people will visit the post and talk about it. Send your friend! :D

    3. I researched also and the experts weighed in in favor of the Nook. That is why I went that direction. I haven't regretted it. My friend is on her third Kindle. Every time she drops it, it breaks. I've dropped my Nook, it's never broken. I've had to replace my cord (my own stupidity from traveling I keep losing it) and not once had to pay for it. They replace it. And their website is not a bit difficult. I'm as not tech friendly as they get and I navigate it easily.
      Write On

    4. Thanks for commenting, Dawnall. The main problem I had with B&N website was their Nook FAQs not being clear. I was looking for specific information on downloading Nook books (so I could help my mom) and couldn't find it. I just kept going in circles and finally gave up. On Amazon, I've only ever had one question I couldn't find the answer for (it wasn't about Kindles).

      I'm glad to hear you've had a good experience, though. Fwiw - I've never dropped my Kindle, but two friends of mine have had malfunctions. Both got a replacement Kindle pronto and were happy with the service.

  2. I have neither, but hopefully will have a Kindle Fire by my next bday. My husband, a total computer geek, says he research shows Kindles are better. Great customer service and speed. But we, too, have wireless (perks of being married to a computer geek). Also my friend accidently set a patio chair on her kindle and they sent her another one, no questions asked (less than a year old). That sold me right there.

    PS - I too love B&N Stores. I hate that ours closed in Tulsa. Actually I hate it when any book stores close, but I too order most things on Amazon.

    1. Oo. Cool! Hope you get it. Would you believe I actually installed the wireless router in our house all by myself? If my mom wasn't on @#$cast, I'd set one up for her, too. :P Thanks for stopping by. :)


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