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Christmas Potpourri

Since I'll be taking a break from cyber space for the holiday, I thought I'd give you a little variety with this last post.

First, a brief meme...

The kind and talented Elise Fallson tagged me in the 'U Got The Look' meme. 

I swear, Elise. I don't have your Nutella. 0_0

Rules: Track down the word "look" in your current WIP and post the surrounding paragraphs, and then tag 5 other people with the meme.

Ha. This wasn't as easy as I thought.

WIP title: Come Back
Genre: Historical Romance
Category: New Adult
Setting: New Mexico Territory, 1850-51

Orientation: 19-year-old Rebecca Garvey, who was left behind by a wagon train, has found a man injured and unconscious in the wilderness and has dragged him to her old dwelling on a flat sled. They are inside a small hut made of wood scraps and branches. A storm is coming.

Caveat: I don't always include this much description or exposition, but the hero is unconscious, andwith the exception of assessing his injuries when she found himBecca is looking him over for the first time.

Have mercy. This is a first draft excerpt.

...Becca shivered. She was stuck in a small, dark space with a large, strange man. As soon as the tarp shut out the cold and the wind, his heady scent surrounded her along with her fear. Through odors of dirt and sweat, arose a scent that was decidedly male. Fresh air and leather blended with warm, spicy skin.

Kneeling beside him, she lit a candle so she could check on him one more time. The flickering flame cast eerie shadows on the walls, but it gave off a comforting light. The stranger’s face looked less intimidating in the pale glow, rather boyish and peaceful in sleep. The only thing that gave his age away, besides his size, was the shadow of whiskers that shaded his jaw. Becca reached out to touch it, then pulled her hand back. What was she doing?

She settled back against the wall and looked her patient over. His clothes were those of a common man, but they were in good repair. He didn’t have a beard—save a day or two’s growth—so he must shave. And bathe. The smell of soap mingled with his scent.

The storm had arrived. Rain pelted the tiny structure and dripped through the cracks. Becca tucked the blanket in around the man, then huddled against the wall under a smaller one of her own. With one last glance in his direction, she blew out the candle and plunged them into darkness.

I'm going to wimp out on the last part. 
If you haven't done this meme and would like to participate,  
consider yourself tagged. :)

Now on to tree hunting...

We went on our annual tree farm trip earlier this month.

(Imagine a 'Tim Taylor' grunt from my handsaw-brandishing husband as he marches off into rows of live evergreens.)

Of course, we didn't have snow like you see in the 
lovely stock image above. 


It was 80 degrees that day.  0_o  

But we're used to that in Houston. 
At least the weather got cold in time for Christmas shopping. :)

Dear Santa, 
Don't believe it. 

This member of the family won't be getting coal in her stocking. 
She's the best behaved one in the bunch.

Along with all of us, 
Maisey wishes you a Merry Christmas!


I will be on blog hiatus until the first Wednesday in January, 
enjoying the holidays with my family. 

I hope you enjoy your holiday, too. :)


  1. Love your excerpt- the descriptions are very vivid. Have fun with that tree. I've always lived in cooler regions, so the idea of a 80 degree Christmas seems so foreign :) Have a blessed Holiday Season!

    1. Thank you.

      Tree hunting was the first weekend in December. By Christmas, it's supposed to be 40s for the low and 60s for the high. ;)

  2. You know I LOVE that scene! :) Great job!

  3. I love your excerpt :)
    We had 80 yesterday in San Antonio.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you.

      Yup. Gonna get to 79 today, but then a cold front blows in tonight. Supposed to be 32 for a low in the morning. Brrr.

      Merry Christmas to you, too. :)

  4. Fantastic scene. Elise is great for tagging people with those things. Have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Love this meme, and I enjoyed your excerpt. :)

  6. Great excerpt and fun family photos. Enjoy, enjoy your wonderful holiday, Melissa. Merry Christmas to you.

  7. Eighty degrees? Not very Christmas. We've had them that warm as well.

    1. It was 80 again today, but a cold front is blowing in. Supposed to be in the 30s by morning. We'll see...

  8. Dang, Melissa, that was a great excerpt. Impressive for a finished work, much less a first draft.

    Loved the family pics, and the dog is gorgeous! I hope you and yours have a fantastic holiday. God bless...

    1. ML,
      Can I carry you around in my pocket? You're great for my ego. LOL

      Thanks. We got Maisey at a rescue shelter. She's a great dog.

    2. My family always gets our dogs from the shelter. I've had a beautiful springer spaniel (passed from cancer almost six years ago) and now an american bulldog mix.

      I'm going around to all of the wonderful blogs I follow to wish you a Merry Christmas. Have a safe and happy holiday, Melissa!


  9. Haha, I understand the anxiety of posting a first-draft on your blog. :) I thought it was really interesting, though! Have fun over the holidays!

  10. I loved your excerpt! Personally, I can't get enough of description, and it feels realistic to me that Rebecca should take some time to look over this stranger.

    I've nominated you for the Liebster blog award, (Holiday Edition, no less!) but I see that you will be away for the holidays. If you're interested when you get back check out:

    In any case, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the nomination. I love the idea of a Christmas edition Liebster! :)

  11. Hope you have a splendid break & Happy Holidays!! I finally posted today w/ a mention of the Addictive Blog Award. I'm so behind lately with posting. :/

    1. Thank you! You, too.

      Don't feel rushed when you get an award. I sometimes save them for quite a while before posting. ;)

  12. Sounds like an Aussie Christmas!! I LOVE that last photo... hehehehe.

  13. Enjoyed your excerpt! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  14. Awesome excerpt Melissa, I'm glad I tagged you. I really liked the way you described the patient, got a good image of him in my mind. And love your Christmas pictures! Here it's grey, raining and overall miserable. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and enjoy the time with your family! :D

    Now, who took my Nutella!

  15. Fantastic excerpt! Nicely written. Love those pictures too! Have a great Christmas and a grand new year!

  16. Hey,

    Sending the Maygroves all the very best for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year :)

    PS... I enjoyed the scene, too... that's a *great* first draft :)

  17. Thanks, you guys. Glad you stopped by. :)


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