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Excerpts from Fool's Iron

Three more days!

Release day for my next western is just around the corner. Here are some excerpts from Fool's Iron, book 3 in the Forging America series.

Fellow authors Elizabeth Seckman and Alex J. Cavanaugh kindly gave Fool's Iron a mention. Show them some blog love and pay them a visit. 💗

Available for preorder

Releases June 1st


Book one, Come Back, is still on sale for 99c.


  1. Hi Melissa, I like the title 'Fool's Iron' a lot.

    1. Thanks. I always try for something original. Not that I always succeed. LOL

  2. I like the title and the excerpts, Melissa. Bravo! The cover's excellent and the tension, real. All the luck with this new release! Again, Bravo!!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. :)


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