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Grammar Police Monday - Dances With Packrats

Gig vs Jig
Gig (pronounced with a hard G) has many meanings. It can be a two-wheeled cart, an entertaining engagement, or a way to catch a fish or frogs (typically by spearing).

Our band is playing a gig tomorrow night at the club.

Jig, on the other hand, can be a fishing lure or a name for various types of equipment; but the definition that usually comes to mind is a lively dance.

The old man got up and danced a jig when the fiddle started to play.

Jam vs Jamb
Jam (verb) to press, squeeze, wedge or cram; (n.) the state of being jammed (e.g. a log jam) or (informal) an undesirable situation; preserve of whole fruit slightly crushed and cooked with sugar. 

Bill jammed the key into the lock.
He was angry because he'd gotten into a jam at work.
Pass me the strawberry jam.

Jamb (n.) refers to the vertical sides of a doorway or window.

Thieves broke the jamb when they kicked in the door.

Horde vs Hoard
A horde is a large group or number; a multitude.

A horde of flies swarmed our picnic.

Though hoard can be used as a noun, it is typically used as a verb that means to accumulate food, money, etc., and hide in a carefully guarded place; to stockpile. 

People hoard food whenever there's a shortage.


If you need some motivation to clean your house, this'll do it.


Thanks for stopping by. :)

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  1. I watch hoarders often...scary. I sometimes use the show to encourage my kids to clean their rooms ;p

  2. I never knew a window jamb had a B on the end! I don't know that I've ever seen it written out, but I've heard the term used many times.

    Jig can also mean to fidget or bob up and down. When we ice fish we jig the line, meaning lifting it with tiny jerks and lowering it down again. My son's horse will jig, meaning bobbing his head up and down and fidgeting without moving his feet.

  3. Agree with Jenn- hoarders is scary. Good lessons as always, Melissa. I always stop by on Monday just to check my habits!

  4. Haha, I was actually feeling totally lazy and thinking I'd skip cleaning because I didn't want to spend my day off that way, but this changed my mind.

    I didn't know that gig had so many meanings, I thought it was just a concert. Interesting! And I love the little dancing mouse. :)

  5. Definitely potential for confusion with jam/jamb as a door can be jammed. Good ones today!

  6. I think there was some malicious plot to trip up speakers of English. Why did they have to make our spelling/meaning system so complicated?

  7. Gigs and jamming! You're on a musical roll today.

  8. Those can be tricky, for sure. I had never heard the word gig used as a cart before, but found that interesting.

    Always love these and thanks!

  9. Really good. I rarely remember the B on jamb. But my editor does :)

  10. Oh gosh, thanks for the horde/hoard. I'm sure I get that one wrong all the time. Hope the editors caught it...

  11. Yes, I know all of these! I'm always so proud of myself when I do :). It's probably a good idea to review it just in case.

  12. Good ones today! I only knew one meaning for each of these. I'm surprised there are so many! Awesome to learn today!

  13. I just had to look up hoard v. horde today! Thanks, Melissa. :D

  14. I know the gig/jig difference because I gig every weekend at local venues! And sometimes a group of musician friends get together and jam!
    The hoard/horde one can be quite confusing...
    Thanks for sharing these!

  15. I take my horde with me everywhere I go. Four kids will do that to ya. ;)

  16. These are great! I still *admission time* have trouble with some similar sounding words.


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