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Come Back - Quotes of the Day III

Each day through Sunday, I'll be posting quotes from my debut novel, Come Back, to generate a little buzz in anticipation of its release. If you're willing, please click to tweet your favorites.

Here are the next two...


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Western Historical Romance
Available May 12, 2014

Book cover & quote images designed by Carrie Butler,

Note: I'm being interviewed by Ava Quinn and her sea monkeys today, over at Tongue In Cheek. I'd love it if you'd pay her a visit. 

I'd also like to give a shout-out to Caffe Maggieato who's posting my book trailer today. Thank you, Maggie! And to Cathrina Constantine, who posted a release announcement. You guys are the best! :D

Thanks for stopping by. :) 


  1. After reading the first one, I can imagine where it's headed...

  2. Sounds awesome Melissa! Off to read the interview!

    1. Or maybe not, link didn't work for me. Could be me. I'll try again.

    2. That was strange. It worked this morning, and then it stopped.
      Anyhow, I fixed it. ;)

  3. Steamy....

    Have a great weekend Melissa.... I'll be tweeting!

  4. Sounds like we got some romance in this here book. :-)


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